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Asus S121 with 512GB SSD

asus_s121Asus are giving one of their laptops a nice boost in storage capacity this month. The S121 Netbook that has a 12 inch screen will now have an optional 512GB SSD that can be purchased. [Read more…]

All Screen Laptop Concept – The Brick

foldable-notebookYves Behar has designed a mockup / concept design of what the “brick” project could look like. The concept shows a full all-screen laptop device which has been called “A hybrid iPhone-meets-Macbook-Air that would put hot netbooks like the EeePC to shame.” [Read more…]

Eee PC to get 3.75G Built-in

eee-pcAsus have made a nice change to their Eee PC 901 series of portable laptops by including 3G (named 3.75G by Asus). This is a smart move as it will bring ultimate portability and ultimate connectivity together in to one single unit. [Read more…]