Apple iPad Causes ASUS to Lower 3Q10 Netbook Shipments

The iPad has been very successful for Apple [AAPL] with 3,000,000 selling in the first 80 days of launch. This high number of sales has effected netbook sales.

Thanks to Apple, ASUS is having to lower it’s 3rd quarter 2010 shipments to 1.4 from 1.5 million the previous quarter. The 2nd quarter was also down from the 1st quarter which was 1.6 million. Normally, shipments would be starting to rise in time for Christmas, so it will be interesting to see what happens there.

According to information on Digitimes, ASUS will be stepping in to the tablet market this year…

Because of decreased shipments of motherboards, notebooks and netbooks, Asustek’s financial performance for the second quarter declined on quarter. Asustek will continue to offer Eee PCs and will step into the tablet PC segment with its Eee Note and Eee Pad series, Shen pointed out.

We have already seen what ASUS is coming out with although it isn’t clear exactly when their tablet based systems will be launched. When referring to tablets here, we specifically speak of screens without a keyboard as ASUS has delved in to convertible tablets previously.

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