60,000 Google Chrome OS Netbooks To Ship

The Google Chrome OS netbook was announced yesterday in the shape of the Cr-48 testing device. We now hear that 60,000 of them are being prepared for the initial (perhaps complete) shipment to those who managed to get lucky and register for the beta.

The netbooks form part of the Chrome OS Pilot program that is about to launch in the US although no official release dates are known at the moment.

We expect that the netbooks will ship soon and when they start to arrive, we’ll try grab all the details we can about them.

Via: Engadget and Digitimes


  1. andrew Hoffman says

    I liike the look of this device as I love Google.I also have a Torch 9800 so I’m looking at the playbook as long as it has 3G WiFi and all that good gear.

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