Could ASUS Ship a $200 Netbook? Perhaps with the Help of Google!

Although it has never succeeded in getting prices down to $200, we now hear that ASUS are yet again attempting to get the netbook down to the $200 to $250 price point.

ASUS is attempting to drop the price due to competition from the new generation tablets such as the Galaxy Tab, iPad and Motorola Xoom to name a few. Since the launch of the iPad, netbook sales have slowly dropped as people seem to prefer the mobile phone type operating system on a 7 to 10 inch screen for “lazy time browsing”. By pricing a netbook at $200 to $250, it would position the 10 inch netbook at just below the price of regular tablets and in doing this, could help boost sales so that the company hits its 6 million goal this year.

To get the price down, ASUS is believed to be dropping the Windows based OS and switching to Android 3.0 or Chrome OS. By doing this, the netbook will target a market who is interested in answering emails, playing a few games and browsing the internet.

Expect to hear more about this in the coming months as ASUS could be announcing the new netbook as early as May this year.

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