Google Chrome OS Netbooks Internal Code Names Found

Google [GOOG] is about to launch some Google Chrome OS netbooks, perhaps in December but more than likely in the early months of 2011.

By digging around, TechCrunch managed to find some hints about the internal code names for netbooks being tested. The names “Mario” and “Andretti” both appear multiples of times, and even more so from October onwards, in bug reports posted on the Internet.

Two samples of how the codenames look in the reports can be seen in the image below…

As well as references to Mario and Andretti (I hope you don’t need me to put the two names together so you know who exactly that is), there are also references to Indy.

The use of these names is quite interesting as Mario Andretti is one of the fastest Indy drivers which is hinting that Google is aiming for speed here. As for actual code names, this wont be the final name of the netbook and is just a reference used internally on specific hardware that they are testing at the time.

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