Chrome OS Cr-48 Netbook Hacked to Run Windows and OS X

Google launched the first Chrome OS netbook recently. It was called the Cr-48 and was not available to buy, but instead sent out to a number of lucky people, including developers, so that those using it could test and report back to Google how the new operating system performs.

One person has managed to hack the Cr-48 and has now installed alternative operating systems which includes a version of Windows as well as OS X.

When using OS X, it runs a little sluggish on the Cr-48 hardware, but still has most of the hardware functioning such as the multi-touch trackpad.

A number of the problems revolve around the chips used on the Chrome netbook. The netbook runs an Intel Atom with a GMA 3150 graphics chip which doesn’t perform well with Flash and OS X.

The video below shows how it runs and basically leaves us thinking that you should just run Chrome OS on this particular netbook.

Via: Liliputing

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