Google Chrome OS Netbook – The Cr-48 Announced

Google [GOOG] has announced the first official Chrome OS netbook. The new Chrome netbook is to be called the Cr-48 and will be launching as part of a Pilot program in limited numbers prior to the official launch in 2011.

The Google Cr-48 is only available to a select amount of users which includes those who took part in a survey on Facebook, those who register their interest who are US based (these might get one) and all those that attended the Chrome OS event last night.

The netbook is just for beta testing at the moment and there is no where to buy one from. You simply need to sign up and “hope you get one”.

As for technical specs, Google has revealed that this particular model has a 12.1 inch screen. The keyboard is full sized and has a few changes when compared to the standard keyboard. Some of those changes include no Caps Lock key as well as no function keys.

The track pad is large. For connectivity it has 802.11n dual-band WiFi as well as a 3G chip that works on the Verizon [VZ] network in the US as well as on other networks of your choice around the globe. Battery life is set at about 8+ hours of active use with about 8 or more days standby time.

It has a webcam built in as well as Flash storage.

As mentioned above, you probably wont be able to get your hands on one of these although we hear that Acer and Samsung will be launching retail versions in the middle of 2011 sometime.

Via: Engadget

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