Dell Inspiron Duo 10 inch Netbook / Tablet Hybrid Demoed

Dell has demoed a rather crazy looking convertible netbook/tablet device. The new device is called the Dell Inspiron Duo 10 (we think…) and has a screen that swivels around to make the netbook in to a tablet form factor.

Rather than using a central hinge attached to the base of the netbook, this particular model has a screen frame that has two contact points at each time. The screen then rotates within the frame which can then be folded back down as needed which puts the screen on the outside of the device.

Although we know a few things about this duo tablet from Dell such as it running a dual-core Intel Atom N550 and running the Windows 7 Premium operating system, we don’t know any other specs. We do know it has a 10 inch screen, but we do not know the resolution of the screen and we also do not have details on what type of touchscreen it is, ie Capacitive or Resistive. We hope for capacitive of course.

It is expected that the new tablet device will launch before the end of this year.

What do you think to the swivelling screen? I’ve always thought the single hinge attaching the screen to the base tablets look a little flimsy. This model looks like it can handle a bit more rough handling. For a tablet though, I prefer just a screen and virtual keyboard vs a built in keyboard convertible tablet like the Dell one here.

Via: Engadget

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