Corsair Flash Padlock 2 gets Software and Hardware Encryption

Corsair have announced their latest secure USB flash drive called the Corsair Flash Padlock 2. The Padlock 2 is able to encrypt data by using a built-in 256-bit data encryption algorithm as well as restricting usage by using a PIN access pad.

The Padlock 2 flash drive is encased in a ruggedized housing making it durable which keeps your data safe from the elements.

No software is required to access the secure flash drive due to the PIN keypad and software being built right in to the device. When operating the device you simply enter your PIN number when you first connect it to a PC running Windows/Linux or a Mac. [Read more…]

AV to USB Video Capture Device

The AV to USB video capture cable allows you to connect and stream video from various sources to your computer. Sources compatible include DVD players, camcorders, VHS player as well as video games systems. When playing content with the cable attached, the computer captures the video digitally and stores it on the hard drive allowing you to upload, email or keep an archive of your old content.

Reasons for using such a device could be to just clear out space used by old VHS cassettes that you might not want to keep anymore, but still want the content on them. [Read more…]

Kingston DataTraveler 5000 with 256-Bit AES Hardware Encryption

Kingston have launched the Kingston DataTraveler 5000 USB flash drive. Although it doesn’t come with the highest capacities we expect these days from flash drives, it does protect data by featuring 256-bit AES hardware encryption.

The 256-bit AES hardware encryption uses XTS mode which Kingston say is much stronger than the CPC and ECB modes available. By using XTS along with Elliptic Curve Cryptology encryption algorithms (ECC) the drives actually meet Suite B standards that are approved by the US government… ie, it’s a safe place to dump your files. [Read more…]

Universal 4 Port USB Wall Charger

If you need to charge gadgets by USB on the go and don’t want to always have your laptop plugged in while doing so then this universal 4 port USB wall charger should sort the problem out for you. It works in several plug styles that include EU, US, Australian and UK.

To switch between the various socket configurations you can move pins around as well as flip them in and out of the plug to get the combination you need to work in the country you are stopping in. For the UK an Earth pin is also included that you remove from the side of the unit and attach allowing the 3 prong layout to be used. [Read more…]

Folderix Flash Drive files 4GB of Data

The USB flash drives were designed by Art Lebedev and have a capacity of 4GB to store your files, photos and video on to. The flash drives are USB and connect direct to the USB port on your computer.

The USB flash drives are called Folderix and have a read speed of 14 MB/sec along with a write speed of 2.5MB/sec. The folderix drives are available in three colours. [Read more…]

USB Wall Charger

With a number of items being charged by USB these days this USB Wall Charger is a very handy device that lets you attach up to two devices to be charged at the same time.

The USB Wall Charger is very useful as it allows you to leave the charging bricks (transformers) at home for your MP3 player, smart phone, portable video player and all other gadgets and just carry around a single unit. [Read more…]

PicoDrive Dual X gives 64GB of Fast USB Storage

green-house-picodrive-dual-x-usb-flash-driveA new USB flash drive has been created by a company called Green-House in Japan. The new drive is called the PicoDrive Dual X and comes in five capacities of 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB.

The two larger capacities (32GB and 64GB) have impressive 32MB/s read speeds along with 17MB/s write speeds making them fairly quick where transfer is concerned. The lower three capacities of the PicoDrive Dual X however are a little slower.

Each of the USB flash drives support Windows 7 along with ReadyBoost to give your laptop extra memory to work with if needed. For security purposes the Dual X flash drives also have security software pre-loaded on to them that allow you to password protect stored data making your data a little safer if you accidentally leave the drive somewhere. [Read more…]

Lego USB Flash Drive Car

Lego-USB-Flash-DriveThis Lego USB Flash Drive is a one of a kind 4GB flash drive that as the name suggests, is built of Lego. The Lego Flash Drive car measures 3.5″ x 1.5″ and can be taken apart if you want.

The Flash Drive uses a micro flash drive embedded in to the main body of the car with the top section and wheels attaching to the flash drive. As it uses what appears to be regular lego, there is also room to further customise the drive if needed. [Read more…]

Alien USB Flash Drive

usb_alien_monsterThe Alien USB Flash Drive is a creepy device that sits well on your desk. It was designed to look like an Alien from Alien, Aliens and other Alien movies.

The Alien Flash Drive connect to a USB port on your laptop or desktop computer and once connected it’s inner mouth pops out and the inside of the big mouth lights up by a red LED in a freaky way. [Read more…]

USB Grenade Flash Drive

usb_grenade_flash_driveThe USB Grenade Flash Drive is a fun gadget that is designed to look like a grenade although no explosions are going to happen with this one. It functions like any other USB flash drive in that you pull the top off it, stick it in your PC or Mac and transfer a bunch of files to it.

That annoying guy three cubes down want the same files you’ve already emailed him 30 times? Pull the plug on your grenade and fling it into his cube. It won’t blow up, but at least a grenade to the head might make him reconsider the next time he wants to bug you about something…

[Read more…]

Active Media Wink 16GB USB Flash Drive

active_media_wink-usb-driveThe Active Media Wink is a very small USB flash drive, claimed to be the tiniest by it’s creators, that manages to store an impressive 16GB of data.

The USB Wink Drive measures just 0.1 inches in thickness and measures over an inch long. Several capacities are available other than the large 16GB model which includes 2GB, 4GB, 8GB as well as the already mentioned 16GB model.

The flash drive it’s self is also waterproof as it’s covered in a sealed casing. To keep the drive safe a small eye hole is drilled in allowing it to be connected to your keychain. [Read more…]

The Stig USB Flash Drive – The Memory Stig

Stig-USB-MemoryWe’ve seen our fair share of weird and wonderful USB flash drives here at gadgetvenue. Today I came across perhaps the best ever…. The Stig USB Flash Drive.

The Stig flash drive has 8GB of storage capacity and connects to USB 2.0 that transfers data at a rate of 480Mbps.

The best description in the comments over at in the UK is that it’s called “the memory stig”. [Read more…]