USB Wall Charger

With a number of items being charged by USB these days this USB Wall Charger is a very handy device that lets you attach up to two devices to be charged at the same time.

The USB Wall Charger is very useful as it allows you to leave the charging bricks (transformers) at home for your MP3 player, smart phone, portable video player and all other gadgets and just carry around a single unit.

Although it is possible to charge your phone and other gadgets via your laptop USB ports, it isn’t always convenient to have your laptop plugged in, running and constantly powering your phone. This makes the Wall Charger unit ideal for those travelling or who just have a number of gadgets that need power from a USB port.

Although phone companies are working on standardising charging for mobile phones it’s still going to be a while before any standard is settled on where you can just have the one power supply connected up to any of your gadgets. For now, this wall charger will have to do.

The USB Wall Charger is available from USB Geek costing $7. Via: OhGizmo

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