Active Media Wink 16GB USB Flash Drive

active_media_wink-usb-driveThe Active Media Wink is a very small USB flash drive, claimed to be the tiniest by it’s creators, that manages to store an impressive 16GB of data.

The USB Wink Drive measures just 0.1 inches in thickness and measures over an inch long. Several capacities are available other than the large 16GB model which includes 2GB, 4GB, 8GB as well as the already mentioned 16GB model.

The flash drive it’s self is also waterproof as it’s covered in a sealed casing. To keep the drive safe a small eye hole is drilled in allowing it to be connected to your keychain.

Prices are not so bad either with the 2GB model starting at $7.95 going up to $37.95 for the largest version.

Available now at Amazon.

Via: GearDiary

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