AV to USB Video Capture Device

The AV to USB video capture cable allows you to connect and stream video from various sources to your computer. Sources compatible include DVD players, camcorders, VHS player as well as video games systems. When playing content with the cable attached, the computer captures the video digitally and stores it on the hard drive allowing you to upload, email or keep an archive of your old content.

Reasons for using such a device could be to just clear out space used by old VHS cassettes that you might not want to keep anymore, but still want the content on them.

The device is called the K66 and works with any source that has an A/V or S-Video OUT port. Videos captured by the system can be saved in several formats that includes DVD, SVCD, VCD, MP4, AVI, PSP, MOV and DIVX.

K66 Features

* Easy setup and operation
* Record TV shows and movies
* Record video to HDD like TIVO
* For sports fans, movie buffs, gamers
* Includes everything you need to get started
* Save video to the most popular file formats
* Improve the quality of your old VHS or camcorder tape collection

Available now from ChinaVasion costing $9.72 each with a minimum order of 2.

Via: TechChee


  1. Cool Cases says

    Now this is cool, the price is really low as well. I can finally move my old VHS tapes over 🙂 — as soon as I get a new VCR! Have you seen those iPod to Tv cables?

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