Corsair Flash Padlock 2 gets Software and Hardware Encryption

Corsair have announced their latest secure USB flash drive called the Corsair Flash Padlock 2. The Padlock 2 is able to encrypt data by using a built-in 256-bit data encryption algorithm as well as restricting usage by using a PIN access pad.

The Padlock 2 flash drive is encased in a ruggedized housing making it durable which keeps your data safe from the elements.

No software is required to access the secure flash drive due to the PIN keypad and software being built right in to the device. When operating the device you simply enter your PIN number when you first connect it to a PC running Windows/Linux or a Mac.

Corsair Flash Padlock 2 Features

* Secure: Hardware 256-bit encryption secures your data
* Protection: Your own 4-10 digit PIN protects and locks access to the Flash Padlock 2
* Capacity: Large 8GB storage gives you ample room to store all your sensitive documents, or up to 2,480 images, or up to 2,000 songs
* Compatible: No software to install ” Works on Windows, Mac or Linux based computers ” Plug & Play compatible with virtually any USB port
* Hacking Detection: Multiple failed entries locks device for 2 minutes to prevent repeated attempts to access data
* Drive Recovery: If you lose your PIN, you can reset the Flash Padlock to its factory default state, securely erasing all data from the drive
* Confidence: Protected by a limited 10 year warranted and backed by Corsair’s renowned customer service and support

The secure Padlock 2 is not quite available just yet although it should be showing up on Amazon soon.

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