Universal 4 Port USB Wall Charger

If you need to charge gadgets by USB on the go and don’t want to always have your laptop plugged in while doing so then this universal 4 port USB wall charger should sort the problem out for you. It works in several plug styles that include EU, US, Australian and UK.

To switch between the various socket configurations you can move pins around as well as flip them in and out of the plug to get the combination you need to work in the country you are stopping in. For the UK an Earth pin is also included that you remove from the side of the unit and attach allowing the 3 prong layout to be used.

On the underside of the wall charger are 4 USB ports allowing up to 4 devices to be charged simultaneously. The USB wall charger costs $20 and is available from USBFever (+$2.99 worldwide shipping). A quick look on the back does reveal a CE safety sticker so it appears to be good for use and have passed safety standards.

Via: TechChee

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