iConvert Dock Turns iPad in to a Scanner

iConvert is a dock for the iPad that has a scanner built in. The dock has a feeder tray that allows paper to be fed through a document scanner. When an iPad is docked with the scanner, you can load up an app and any data scanned can be captured and then sent direct to the app running on the iPad.

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Fake iPads Accidentally Sold at Major Canadian Retailers

An interesting story has revealed that some fake iPads were sold by some major Canadian retailers. What was actually sold was a lump of clay which was put in an official iPad 2 box which was then professionally sealed. It is believed that about 24 of them were sold this way.

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iOS 5.1 Beta 3 Hints At Siri for the iPad and iPod touch

Now that iOS 5.1 Beta 3 has been seeded to developers, we are now seeing reports and hints at what could be included in future updates. One of the first discoveries is that the iPad and perhaps the iPod touch could be getting some form of Siri.

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iOS Devices to Get Quad-Core Processors

The beta of iOS 5.1 has some indications that the next iPad and iPhone will run a quad-core processor. That particular processor is expected to be an Apple A6 provided by Samsung. Although a quad-core chip is not really a surprise, what is good to see is that the iOS 5.1 beta has references to such a processor.

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Report Hints at Two New iPads This Year

Digitimes is reporting that there will be two new iPad models launched this year. When they say two models, they don’t just mean black and white or 3G vs non-3G. They actually mean that a second and cheaper iPad will be launched to target the mid-range price of $299. The main difference will be that the high-end model which is priced around that of the current iPad 2 will have a higher resolution screen. Both the high-end and mid-range models will use the Apple A6 processor.

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60beat GamePad for iOS Launches

60beat has launched a new games controller for iOS devices. The controller is called GamePad and is unique in that it uses the headphone port of any iOS device to function. As it uses a 3.5mm jack, all power is provided by the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch meaning that no charging/batteries are needed.

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Facebook Timeline Support for iPad Rumoured for January Launch

Facebook released Timeline to all desktop users in the middle of December. A few days later the universal iPhone/iPad app for Facebook was updated although Timeline was only given to iPhone users on this app update.

We now hear that by the end of January another update will happen which will allow iPad users to be able to use Timeline via the Facebook app.

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Evernote Launches Skitch for iPad

Evernote has just released Skitch for the iPad.

What is Skitch?
Skitch is the amazingly fun and surprisingly powerful way to move your ideas and projects forward using fewer words. With Skitch, annotate and draw on just about anything that you see, whether it’s a new or existing photo, a webpage, screenshot, map, or a blank canvas. Then, share your work with friends, colleagues or save it all to Evernote. It couldn’t be simpler.

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New Information Hints at a 7.85 Inch iPad mini for Q4 2012 Launch

Apple could be planning to launch a smaller iPad in time for Christmas 2012. This new iPad would follow along from the iPad 3 that is expected in April. The difference will be the screensize of 7.85 inches as opposed to the regular 9.7 inch iPad screen we see on the yearly generation changes.

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Microsoft Updates OneNote for iOS and Brings it to the iPad

Microsoft [MSFT] has launched an update for OneNote on iOS devices. Before the latest update (version 1.3) the app had been restricted for use on the iPhone and iPod touch. The new update now brings OneNote to the iPad although the app isn’t universal which means you’ll need to install the iPad version for the iPad, rather than the same version for both devices.

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Infinity Blade 2 Visuals Detailed on Video

Epic Games has given another look in to Infinity Blade 2 for the iPad. The new version of the game is getting ready for launch soon and because of the new CPU and GPU in the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S, the visuals look stunning.

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Gmail App for iPhone and iPad Download Now Available on iTunes

Update: The app has been pulled due to a bug in the notifications. When it’s fixed it will be back up. If you already have the app then you can carry on using it.

As rumoured yesterday, Google has finally released a Gmail app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

We’ve combined your favorite features from the Gmail mobile web app and iOS into one app so you can be more productive on the go. It’s designed to be fast, efficient and take full advantage of the touchscreen and notification capabilities of your device. And it’s one more reason to switch to Gmail.

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