60beat GamePad for iOS Launches

60beat has launched a new games controller for iOS devices. The controller is called GamePad and is unique in that it uses the headphone port of any iOS device to function. As it uses a 3.5mm jack, all power is provided by the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch meaning that no charging/batteries are needed.

The downside (at the moment) is that games need to be 60beat compatible to work. Games that are compatible automatically detect when the controller is plugged in and when plugged in, all on-screen controls are removed from the screen. Any input made on the games controller is then fed down the 3.5mm jack and detected/actioned by the game.

The idea is fantastic and the more gamers that incorporate the necessary code to be compatible, the more likely it will sell.

Price wise, 60beat is currently selling the GamePad for $49.99 on its website.


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