Facebook Update for iPhone brings Timeline Access

Facebook has released an update for the iPhone and iPad. For those on the iPhone, you now get access to Timeline. iPad users will get it in the near future according to the notes on the iTunes store.

Just last week, Facebook rolled out Timeline to the rest of the world. The feature had only been available for about a week before that to those in New Zealand.

Other features included in the update are as follows:

– Access to Mobile Timeline on iPhone (if you already have a timeline). iPad support coming soon. Get your own timeline here: fb.me/tml
– Access to friend lists, subscribers and subscriptions
– Faster, better performance
– Photos are easier to view, upload and comment on

One thing we have noticed is that Facebook Chat appears to be constantly active on the update which has upset a few users. If you don’t mind constantly being logged in to chat then grab the update now as the other features are quite good to use and Facebook has made it a little easier to work with.

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