iConvert Dock Turns iPad in to a Scanner

iConvert is a dock for the iPad that has a scanner built in. The dock has a feeder tray that allows paper to be fed through a document scanner. When an iPad is docked with the scanner, you can load up an app and any data scanned can be captured and then sent direct to the app running on the iPad.

The device is compatible with both versions of the iPad (1 and 2) and when docked, you simply load in a single sheet of paper and hit the scan button on the screen. The paper is then pulled through the scanner and as it’s scanned, it also is revealed on the screen. The app automatically saves the image to your library or allows you to send via email, twitter and other apps.

It isn’t clear in the video, or on the Brookstone website, but it appears that it also has the ability to send direct to apps such as Evernote which if this is the case, it will be a seriously handy scanner that can be used whilst on the move.

The device is powered by battery but it also isn’t clear how many scans you can achieve on a single charge.

As for the technical specs, the iConvert can scan at 300dpi in colour. Images are saved in the JPEG format.

Overall, an impressive idea assuming that it makes Evernote integration simple as a couple of taps on the screen. If not, then perhaps not so handy.

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