Fake iPads Accidentally Sold at Major Canadian Retailers

An interesting story has revealed that some fake iPads were sold by some major Canadian retailers. What was actually sold was a lump of clay which was put in an official iPad 2 box which was then professionally sealed. It is believed that about 24 of them were sold this way.

At the moment it appears that someone has purchased a number of iPads around Canada and has replaced them with clay, put the clay in the box, sealed the box and then returned the iPad for a refund. As the boxes were sealed, the retailers didn’t check to see if the contents had been changed. The items were put back in stock and sold on to the next buyers in store.

Apple has confirmed it is also part of this investigation although the police are not just yet. Stores with problems are Best Buy, Best Buy as well as a Walmart store. London Drugs was also aware of a few instances recently.

A quick tip for those buying an iPad in store… check the contents of the box before you leave the store. We assume that each of the stores will also have put in new policies to check on returned items as they are returned.

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