iOS 5.1 Beta 3 Now Available

Apple has released a new beta version of iOS 5.1. This time it’s Beta 3 which brings us another step closer to a final release.

Not many changes are found within beta 3 other than the usual list of bug fixes which iron out problems before the final launch. What has changed in this version is the Enable 3G toggle which was removed on the iPhone 4S.

The Enable 3G toggle is an option found within the settings menu that lets users switch off 3G services and force usage of 2G networks. This was typically used to save battery by switching the device on to an Edge network for data.

As well as adding the missing settings back to the iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1 also brings some strings for Siri in the Japanese language. Perhaps Apple is preparing to roll out Siri to more countries as promised when the iPhone 4S was first announced.

Other features that 5.1 will bring includes the ability to delete pictures from Photo Stream. Fixes include battery life although there is no mention yet if beta 3 fixes the audio problems that some users are facing.


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