Apple to Launch iPad 3 in April – No Surprise There (Rumour)

A report today indicates that the iPad 3 will be launched by Apple in 3 – 4 months time. This comes as no real surprise really as April 2012 will be about a year since the iPad 2 launched and 2nd year before the original iPad.

DigiTimes comments that the parts needed to build the iPad 3 have started to arrive at the factory. As well as new parts arriving, orders are also supposedly being decreased for the iPad 2.

An expected 14 to 15 million iPad 2’s will be made in the forth quarter although this will drop to 4-5 million units in the run up to the iPad 3 release date.

It is expected that the iPad 3 will begin to be built in January 2012 with production ramping up during February. Shipping is expected in March with a launch coming in April.

We won’t know what to expect in the iPad 3 when it launches, but Apple is likely to include a higher resolution screen closer to a Retina display in pixel density. We also expect a bump in performance as well as better cameras. Siri is also likely to be integrated in to the iPad 3 if the beta on the iPhone 4S shows enough success over the coming months.

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