iOS Devices Could get a Smaller Dock Connector on Next Gen Models

Rumours have started today about the possibility that Apple might be shrinking down the dock connector in the next generation of iOS devices. The reason behind it is that it would simply save space inside the device and allow for a larger battery or more powerful networking chips to be installed for LTE connectivity.

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OnLive Desktop Plus Brings Flash to iPad

Onlive Desktop Plus has been updated to now support flash content. The plus service (which is charged at $4.99/month) allows access to a Windows desktop. The company behind it have now installed Flash on the systems that subscribers connect up to. What this means is that Flash content can be used on the iPad in a roundabout way.

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More iPad 3 Internals Leak

A couple more pictures of the iPad 3 have leaked. The first one (pictured below) shows a front view of what is believed to be a Retina Display. The second (further below), shows some internal components as well as the glass from behind.

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Leaked iPad 3 and 2 Comparison Shows Thicker Device, Larger Taper

Some pictures have leaked which show what is believed to be an iPad 3. It isn’t clear of course, if the iPad shown here is a test model, or it if will be the final design. As always, we wont know until it is officially announced.

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CloudOn for iPad Launches in the UK

CloudOn has been around for a couple of months now… in the US. In the last week it has now launched in the UK and brings Excel, Word and Powepoint to the iPad.

The application is free to download and when installed, it connects up to your DropBox account (also free) so that you can have easy access to your documents and spreadsheets whilst on the move.

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iPad 3 Photo Hints at Slight Redesign of Tapered Edge

For what it’s worth, the iPad 3 might have a slight redesign. Some leaked pictures indicate that the tapered edge on the iPad 3 is similar to the iPad 2 although it is a little larger than the previous model. The device looks to have a more gradual tapered edge.

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iPad 3 Logic Board Leaks

Along with a Retina display, the iPad 3 will also have a more powerful processor. We have expected for a long time that Apple will launch a quad-core chip called the A6. This was expected as the iPad 1 was a single core A4 and the iPad 2 was a dual-core A5. A quad-core A6 was believed to be what would follow on next. But, it appears that Apple may opt for the chip seen below which is an A5X.

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iPad 3 Confirmed to be a Retina Display

Here’s a leak that looks quite promising. MacRumors managed to get hold of an Apple iPad 3 screen. After a closer inspection of it, the number of pixels looks to be quadrupled… meaning it’s twice the linear resolution or 2048×1536 pixels to be exact.

Rumours about the iPad 3 and a retina display have been going on for a while. In fact, it was originally believed that the iPad 2 would get a higher resolution screen.

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Screenshots and Promo Codes Now Accepted for iBookstore

Apple has made some changes to the iBookstore and now allows for promo codes to be created by authors/publishers and used by readers. As well as creating promo codes, Apple is now also allowing screenshots to be submitted to the store.

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iPad 3 Release Date Likely to be March

Reports are indicating that the next generation iPad, likely to be called the iPad 3, will be announced early in March and will be launched about a week after that to follow on from the mid-March release date of the iPad 2 last year.

With just a week expected between the announcement and launch a number of developers are beginning to prepare Retina resolution graphics just in case the new model does have a Retina display. Remember that when the iPhone 4 launched there were a few weeks in which developers could recreate graphics to match the higher resolution screen. This thought also follows along with an email sent out by this week to Apple developers which requested that all images for the iTunes store were sent in a Retina resolution which hints that the 3GS is coming to the end of its life soon. Also, it could be a hint that we will soon see the same email about submitting higher res iPad screenshots to the store.

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iTunes U for iPad and iPhone Released

It was a big day for Apple yesterday and certainly a day where an industry is shaken up a little. As well as launching iBooks 2 with Textbooks and iBooks Author for the Mac, Apple also launched iTunes U for the iPhone and iPad. The app follows along with iTunes U that has been available in iTunes on the Mac or PC for a while, but allows you to sync your notes, courses and content between devices so that you can study whilst on the move.

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New iPad Case Hints at a Thicker iPad 2S

Before I begin I’ll just comment that this needs to be taken with a pinch of salt as it contains an iPad 3 (or 2S) rumour.

A case manufacturer has created a new case that has been designed for an iPad 2S. The company believes that the new iPad will be a small update similar to that of the iPhone 4 to 4S. The main difference with dimensions will be that it is slightly thicker as previously rumoured.

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