Microsoft Updates OneNote for iOS and Brings it to the iPad

Microsoft [MSFT] has launched an update for OneNote on iOS devices. Before the latest update (version 1.3) the app had been restricted for use on the iPhone and iPod touch. The new update now brings OneNote to the iPad although the app isn’t universal which means you’ll need to install the iPad version for the iPad, rather than the same version for both devices.

New features included in version 1.3 are as follows:

Support for iPad and iPad 2
Localization into several new languages and markets
Tabbed user interface
Quick note creation in the Unfiled Notes section
Table rendering
Improved Windows Live sign-in experience
Option to sync notebooks only over a Wi-Fi connection
Integrated upgrade option

OneNote requires that you use a free Microsoft SkyDrive account to work. By using this method it allows all notes to be stored in the cloud rather than locally on any device. This of course allows easy syncing between the desktop, iPhone and iPad.

Price wise, the app is free and you can store up to 500 notes for free. After that the cost is $4.99 for unlimited on the iPhone and $14.99 for unlimited on the iPad.

It’s a shame that Microsoft is limiting the number of notes. Compare the service to Evernote you get unlimited note storage on the free account although you are limited to 40MB of document uploads per month… but there is no roof on how many you can store.

The OneNote app is available for download now in the App Store.


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