Remote Control Colour LED Bulb

remote_led_bulbThe old lights are fading out and making way for the newer LED style lights. Over the past few years you will have noticed LED’s get used more and more in car lights, traffic lights and around the home. These remote control LED bulbs are a cool step up and allow you to change the colour of the light emitted.

The Remote Control Colour LED Bulb comes supplied with a small remote control that can switch the colours on the super bright LED bulb. Dozens of colours are available as well as the opto to change the brightness of the light emitted. The LED bulbs require no special fittings as they are compatible with the regular type of lightbulb socket you will have in you home.

Remote Control Colour LED Bulb Specs

* IR remote can turn bulb on/off and adjust colors, transitions, brightness levels
* 4 transition effects – flash, strobe, fade, smooth
* Access to 16 specific colors (including White, Green, Blue, Light Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, Turquoise, Purple)
* Fits into a standard lightbulb socket (E27)
* Input voltage: 110-240V AC, 50-60Hz
* Bulb Dimensions: 4″ length x 2″ dia.
* Note: you must remove the plastic tab in remote control battery compartment before using

The Remote Control Colour LED Bulbs are available from ThinkGeek costing $49.99.

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