Digital Monkey Wrench

digital-ratchet-monkey-wrenchWhen using a wrench it’s generally obvious when it’s done it’s job and the bolts are tight enough. The digital monkey wrench is designed for those who are not convinced with the feel and need something to tell them all is well.

It has a digital display telling you exactly when you can stop tightening. Also if you are too strong then it will let you know you should calm down a bit rather than break things. [Read more…]

Sega Genesis Controller Soap

Sega-Genesis-Controller-SoapThis Sega Genesis controller is a bar of soap that you have to admit, looks like the real thing. It weighs under 9 ounces and is the latest in line to a bunch of other console controller soaps that have been around on Etsy

The soap is made of natural and vegan products which means no animal products/testing have been used or done. Ingredients are listed below… [Read more…]

Cash Stash Keychain

Cash-Stash-Key-ChainThe Cash Stash Keychain is a gadget that allows you to store cash on your keyring. The device lets you store a £20 note to be used as emergency funds when needed so that making an unnecessary trip to the cash point is not needed.

Simple but ludicrously smart, this unobtrusive little keyring-friendly doodah has been created to store emergency funds. Simply unscrew the capsule, wrap your note around its internal stainless steel CashClip and hey presto a secret stash of emergency cash. Assuming you don’t lose your keys you’ll never get caught short again.

[Read more…]

AllPlugs Provides Power Anywhere in your Room

allsocketThe average home in the US/UK is jam packed full of electronics. Just under my TV I have a Playstation, V+ box, External HDD, Vonage router, wireless router, cable modem and cordless phone charger. Behind the TV the wires are just crazy and although I set them up neatly, they somehow manage to tangle.

AllPlugs is a device which aims to tackle 2 problems. 1st, unless you use a bunch of power strips then you’ll probably be short of wall sockets, and secondly, you still have a bunch of wires around the living room that you really don’t want to see. AllPlugs tackles this problem by creating a skirting board system where you can attach power sockets anywhere along it. Behind the skirting it is possible to store all the excess cables providing just the correct length to get to your TV etc… [Read more…]

R2-D2 Tissue Dispenser

star_wars_tissue_holder_wxpWe just mentioned earlier today that R2-D2 always gets the attention (hence why the R2-Q5 USB Hub was created). Yet again, R2-D2 steals the spotlight again and comes to you in the shape of a tissue paper dispenser.

Although this R2-D2 paper dispenser was designed for the bathroom, it could be used anywhere in the home such as the kitchen. [Read more…]

Save 83% on Astratec TOPD3 Freeview Digital Set Top Box

FreeviewFor today only, CDiscount in the UK are offering 83% off the Astratec TopD3 Freeview Digital Set Top Box. Rather then the usual £29.99 they are selling it today for £4.99. If you need a digital set top box for cheap then I recommend checking them out as that’s not a bad price at all.

There is a reason for the huge discount though and it’s related to Setanta Sports which this set top box was intended to be used for. Basically, Setanta sports recently ceased to broadcast making it not possible to upgrade to that package. However, it still will give you access to over 40 channels for free. [Read more…]

The Only Interactive Personal Trainer System

Yesterday we wrote about Hammacher’s “only inflatable adjustable bed“. Today it’s time for the “Only” interactive Personal Trainer System which caught my attention as it costs a hefty $16000 USD. [Read more…]

The Only Adjustable Incline Inflatable Bed

Adjustable-Incline-Inflatable-Air-BedThis air bed has an advantage over all the rest in the world as it’s claim to fame is that it’s the ONLY Adjustable Incline Inflatable Bed.

The air bed has a standard bed height of 22″ making it easy to get on and off of. It can take up to 450lbs in weight and it’s main feature is that it can elevate your head and shoulders to any desired height allowing you to watch TV, play video games or read with just the touch of a button. [Read more…]

Ping Pong Door

If you are a fan of Ping Pong but have nowhere to put a table then check out this fancy door. The door doubles as a ping pong table allowing you to play between any 2 rooms. [Read more…]

Finger Dance Alarm Clock

finger-dance-alarm-clockIf you have ever seen those dancing games in the arcades where you tap your feet in time to the music in a specific routine then this is exactly what this alarm clock is… well, a tiny bit smaller.

The Finger Dance Alarm Clock requires that you tap the floor of it by following a correct sequence of lights. Only when you have completed the sequence correctly will the alarm switch off. [Read more…]

Why Cry Baby Analyzer

why_cry_baby_analyzerWhen a new born baby arrives in to the world, the baby’s parents soon learn that they cry for various reasons that often you might not be aware of. This “Why Cry Baby Analyzer” is a monitoring device that sits next to your baby at night and analyizes why the baby is crying.

It uses advanced frequency analysis which needs around 20 seconds to work out what your baby is in need of. When the data is collected a representation of the baby’s mood is put on the screen which will show if the baby is stressed, Sleepy, Annoyed, Bored or Hungry. [Read more…]

BodyTrace Weighing Scales – Share your Weight with the World

The BodyTrace weighing scales are probably the first wireless scales in the world to be created. The purpose of the wireless connectivity is to allow them to connect to the web and share your weight with the world. [Read more…]