If Software still Shipped on 3.5″ Floppy…

sims3_35_floppyDo you remember the days when you installed Windows 3.1 from something like 5 floppy disks and a couple more that contained printer drivers… or when Doom could be squished on to a floppy disk. Well, if CD’s hadn’t been invented or any other larger storage then these days we could be looking at 100’s, if not 1000’s of floppy disks for the size of software we see these days. Designers at Antrepo Design Industry have created a bunch of art prints based on the floppy disk.

35_floppy_firefoxPhotoshop CS4, a cut down version at that, would take up 358 floppies, while a copy of the Sims 3 game would take up a whopping 1760 floppy disks. Check out the prints below. Oh and by the way, Technabob points out that the stack of floppies for Sims 3 would stack over 19 feet tall. Wow.

Each print costs $120, measures 18.9″ x 26.8″ and is available over at AntrepoShop.


Product Page Via: TechNaBob


  1. Actually, software would still fit on a reasonable amount of floppies if it were still shipped that way.

    If, say 5 years ago, a storage medium had come out that was as easily manufactured and distributed as CDs or DVDs, but held 50 GB, we would be seeing software that would fill that whole 50 GB.

    Software sizes always pretty quickly follows the storage medium.

  2. $120 for a printout of flopies? who the hell buys this stuff?

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