Roomba Robot Vac responds to Emotions

roomba_emotionsThe Roomba Robot Vacuum cleaner is normally used to clean your carpets automatically. However, a group of researchers over at the Calgary University are testing the mixing of emotions with the Roomba.

The Roomba was modified to react to signals sent to it from a device that reads your stress levels. The device monitors muscle tension and eye movement in an attempt to let the Roomba know how you are feeling. If you are stressed out then the vacuum will back off a bit and move slower. [Read more…]

Tupperware PS2 Arcade Stick

tupperware-ps2-arcade-stickThis PS2 arcade stick reminds me of the StreetFighter II stick we mentioned last week. The only differences are 1.)It’s built for the PS2 and 2.)It’s made from Tupperware.

For those of you not familiar with Tupperware, they created a bunch of plastic dishes, bowls and tubs to store food in. The tubs tend to come in all sizes, so finding one to house a PS2 arcade stick seemed like the right thing to do. [Read more…]

Super Nintoaster – Hacked Toaster

super-nintoasterThe Super Nintoaster is an old 16-bit Super Nintendo squashed inside a hacked toaster. It’s a brilliant idea and actually works quite well as can be seen on the video after the jump.

The Nintoaster has no power pack as it’s built in to the toaster. You simply plug the toaster in and the toast slot on the left is used for the game cartridge while the toast slot on the right houses the ports to connect up to 2 controllers. Also the reset button can be found in that section. On the side of the toaster there are AV outputs with yellow for video, red and white for stereo audio. To switch the Super Nintoaster on you push the button down like you would to make toast and on come some bright red LED’s that can be adjusted in brightness with a control on the side of the toaster. [Read more…]


pov-watchThe Persistence of Vision (POV) Watch is a watch which creates the illusion of floating time while the wrist is swinging (such as when running). [Read more…]

Home Cinema Theatre Build

home_theater_basement_constructionA guy named Jamis has created his own home theatre set up which looks rather good. The whole set up has been documented. The project took 18 months to complete.

If you area big movie fan then you will probably have thought about creating your own home cinema at one point.


Home Cinema Design Guidelines

* Finished width of the theatre should be approximately 12²8″ – 13²
* I have not decided on a length for the theatre or if I should just leave it open. Could be anything from ~22² – 32²
* Equipment has not been decided, though it will be 7.1 surround with an 11² wide 2.35:1 screen.
* I plan to do a drywall ceiling with 2X3 furring strips and soffits as needed.
* Soffits/beam will be approximately 6²9″
* Blue rectangles on the open wall in the pictures are a window and sliding patio doors.
* Lighting will be primarily 4″ can lights. There will be cove lighting (rope) around the soffits and as step lighting for the riser.
* Seating has not been fully decided, though I’d like to do two rows, probably Berkline 088’s with loveseat+single configuration¦ |XX|X| with the opposite |X|XX| in the rear. A single riser for the back row. Possibly a bar as a third row.
* Equipment rack would go under the stairs
* Moving the lolly columns is most likely not an option.”

Via: HackedGadgets


Steampunk USB Drive

steampunk-usb-jump-driveThere have been plenty of Steampunk style gadgets mentioned here at gadgetvenue. The reason for this is that they look strangely cool. The latest that I came across today was the Steampunk USB Drive. Lets take a quick look. [Read more…]

Tetris Game Over Bracelet

tetris-braceletThis Tetris Bracelet is made of resin and is hand made. Each one is different. [Read more…]

Nokia N95 runs Windows 3.1

n95-windows-3-1I spotted a few pictures today of an old familiar logo and operating system. The Windows 3.1 OS was running on a Nokia N95 though… how strange but cool at the same time. [Read more…]

Gaping Hole Costume

gaping_hole_costumeThis ace looking costume was designed a couple of years back specifically for Halloween. The costume makes use of a camera mounted on a persons back with a TFT LCD screen on the front. [Read more…]

High Octane Chess Set

high_octane_chess_set_made_from_car_partsThis cool looking chess set has been hacked together using some old engine and transmission parts. The result is probably one of the heaviest chess sets you will ever see. [Read more…]

Uzi Submachine Gun – Made of Straws

candy-uziFor $25 you can have your own Uzi Submachine gun… although I need to point out that it will be made of drinking straws. [Read more…]

Mini-Mote – Mini Wii Controller

mini-mote-side-viewThe Mini-Mote is a shrunk down Nintendo Wii Controller that was created by DHRECK. DHRECK basically took a regular Wii-Mote and chopped off all the bulk making this very sleek looking Wii Controller. [Read more…]