Roomba Robot Vac responds to Emotions

roomba_emotionsThe Roomba Robot Vacuum cleaner is normally used to clean your carpets automatically. However, a group of researchers over at the Calgary University are testing the mixing of emotions with the Roomba.

The Roomba was modified to react to signals sent to it from a device that reads your stress levels. The device monitors muscle tension and eye movement in an attempt to let the Roomba know how you are feeling. If you are stressed out then the vacuum will back off a bit and move slower.

“As far as we know we are amongst the very first to pursue bioelectric signal interfaces in human-robot interaction, where we program a robot to react to the user’s emotional state rather than just direct control,” says Paul Saulnier, a graduate student at the University. Saulnier presented his findings at the Human Robot Interaction conference in San Diego earlier this month.

It’s an interesting idea with the main thinking behind it to allow robots to monitor how we are. It could help the elderly have a quicker response should their stress levels raise to dangerous levels.

Maybe one day an actual Roomba Vacuum will be fitted with a device that senses that your frustrated with how messy the room is and quickly whips around and cleans the carpet for you.

Via: Wired

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