Poor Mans Netbook

poor-mans-netbookeBay can be the source of some fantastic bargains as well as crazy things too. Take this netbook for example… it has been hacked together and built from a briefcase. [Read more…]

Lego Pixel Art – Make it at Home

how-to-make-lego-pixel-artPixel art is weird in some ways as you are building something that looks old… but for some reason, that’s what makes it look so cool. Take this Pixel art Sonic for example. It is built of Lego and can be made easily yourself by follow a tutorial that has been created. [Read more…]

iPhone Stand – Made of Pencil’s

pencil-iphone-standSometimes it’s handy to watch a short movie or live streams on a mobile phone… however, getting the viewing angle just right isn’t always possible without having to hold it. To solve this you could just make your own stand out of regular pencil’s and elastic bands. [Read more…]

Zelda Map – Remade in Stitches

zelda-map-stitch-artThis Zelda map looks incredible. It is a copy of the map found on Zelda back from years ago on the NES and SNES consoles. [Read more…]

Wii Balance Board Controls Labyrinth

wiifit_controlled_labyrinth_gameThe Labyrinth game requires that you move a ball bearing from one end to the other of the maze. Jestin Stoffel and Vince Thompson decided that rather then using the regular method to play the game that they would instead hack together a few things so that your Wii Balance Board could control the maze. [Read more…]

Steampunk Monopoly DIY

steampunk-electric-monopoly-diyMonopoly is a classic game and over the last few years a number of different versions can be found from UK versions to make your own versions and on to the more modern chip and pin versions. This version goes a different route in that it has been created as a Steampunk Monopoly board. [Read more…]

XBox 360 Car

xbox-360-mods-carIt seems like someone couldn’t stand the thought of being away from their XBox 360 while out and about and instead of leaving it at home, decided they would install it in their car. [Read more…]

Lego Bluetooth Printer

lego_printerLego is the best toy ever invented. It allows you to use your own imagination in pretty much endless amounts of creativity. This latest idea named the Lego Bluetooth Printer does just want it says… it prints. [Read more…]

Capacitor Earrings

capacitor-earringsJewellery is being made of all sorts over at Etsy. This time it’s the humble capacitors turn to be modded in to an earring. [Read more…]

Homemade Cardboard iPhone Dock

carboard-iphone-dockWith Apple giving away the iPhone 3G for free on certain contracts they had to cut back somewhere and the dock had to go. Geeky-Gadgets have decided that rather then buying an iPhone 3G dock, which costs $29, they would go ahead and make one. They also went a step further and made it a downloadable PDF where you can print your own. [Read more…]

Steampunk Ring

steampunk-ringCheck out this Steampunk Grunge Ring. It is built from an old tarnished watch that is mounted on to a solid brass filigree adjustable band. It measures 20mm across. [Read more…]

Handmade Steampunk Raygun Wristband

homemade-steampunk-raygun-wristbandI never really got the whole Steampunk thing which attempts to make modern stuff old fashioned. However, I still think it’s fun to look at though. This latest attempt was created by JunkPunk over on Etsy. It is a Steampunk Raygun Wristband. [Read more…]