Home Cinema Theatre Build

home_theater_basement_constructionA guy named Jamis has created his own home theatre set up which looks rather good. The whole set up has been documented. The project took 18 months to complete.

If you area big movie fan then you will probably have thought about creating your own home cinema at one point.


Home Cinema Design Guidelines

* Finished width of the theatre should be approximately 12²8″ – 13²
* I have not decided on a length for the theatre or if I should just leave it open. Could be anything from ~22² – 32²
* Equipment has not been decided, though it will be 7.1 surround with an 11² wide 2.35:1 screen.
* I plan to do a drywall ceiling with 2X3 furring strips and soffits as needed.
* Soffits/beam will be approximately 6²9″
* Blue rectangles on the open wall in the pictures are a window and sliding patio doors.
* Lighting will be primarily 4″ can lights. There will be cove lighting (rope) around the soffits and as step lighting for the riser.
* Seating has not been fully decided, though I’d like to do two rows, probably Berkline 088’s with loveseat+single configuration¦ |XX|X| with the opposite |X|XX| in the rear. A single riser for the back row. Possibly a bar as a third row.
* Equipment rack would go under the stairs
* Moving the lolly columns is most likely not an option.”

Via: HackedGadgets



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