Atari 2600 gets Modded in to an iPod Dock

atari-ipod-dockThe Atari 2600 was a classic games console. Another classic device from the past is the original iPod. What one modder has done is mixed the 2 together to create a classic Atari 2600 iPod dock.

The cartridge slot has been modified and had an iPod connector put in it’s place. All you then simply do is connect your iPod up and your good to go. [Read more…]

Recycled CD iPhone Dock

There are a bunch of ways you can stand your iPhone up for viewing the screen easier while watching a movie. Geeky Gadgets – the experts at making crazy iPhone stands out of regular household stuff have now created a new iPhone stand out of old CD’s. [Read more…]

Steampunk Headphones

Steampunk gadgets are an interesting but kind of weird thing. The latest I came across today were the Steampunk headphones which have been converted from their original self to a techy antique look. [Read more…]

Yellow Bulldozer PC

This PC mod was hacked in to the shape of a Yellow Bulldozer. It was built by a Russian modder named Megalex. [Read more…]

Steam Powered Charger

This iPod or mobile phone charger is perhaps the most unique I have ever come across. Rather then using a traditional wall socket, or solar panels this one uses a small steam engine to create power to charge the device. [Read more…]

Nintendo DSi Innards Revealed

The guys over at iFixit have decided it’s time to take apart the Nintendo DSi to see what can be found inside the new console. [Read more…]

128GB SSD on a Dell Mini 9

The Dell Mini 9 is a fantastic netbook due to it’s decent size and built in 3G capabilities. However, one user was not too satisfied with the smaller SSD that came standard in his netbook. Instead, he decided it would be worthwhile to upgrade it to a rather large 128GB version instead. [Read more…]

Open GPS Tracker built from Cell Phone

The Open GPS Tracker allows you to attach an old mobile phone to it’s board. By doing this you create a GPS tracking device. [Read more…]

Lego Nintendo DSI Created

Sean Kenney, an artist, has created a cool looking Nintendo DSI… out of Lego. [Read more…]

iPod Controlled Mazda RX-8

This cool project allows the user to control various functions of their car by using an iPod Touch or any other mobile device with web access. [Read more…]

Shoebox Arcade Stick

shoebox-arcade-stickIf you thought the tupperware PS2 arcade stick was cool in a weird way, then check out this shoebox arcade stick.

The shoebox arcade stick is made from… you guessed it, a shoebox. There were actually 2 of them made with one being wired and one being wireless. The insides are made from Happ Joysticks along with some extra buttons. The spare parts cost just $36. [Read more…]

PSP used as Status Display for PC

psp-status-monitorIf you have a spare Sony PSP kicking around your house and lack the funds to buy a second monitor for your PC then you can now use your PSP to display the status of your PC.

A hacker named AVI has created a script which you can run on your PC which sends data to the PSP screen. Information displayed on the PSP screen is CPU Usage, memory allocation and system temperature levels. To get the script working you need to edit a bit of script and have Lua for the PSP. If you have that then you are good to go. [Read more…]