Golf Club POV

Golf Club POV
This custom built golf club POV is rather cool. It uses a bank of 8 bright blue LED’s which when the golf club is swing it writes words in the air like “Nice Swing”. Full instructions can be found at the link at the bottom. Also check out the cool video of the POV golf club in action.

If you are not sure what POV means it is “Persistance of Vision”.

Via: TechEBlog. Instructions at Zedomax

Hermes with White LED’s

Geardiary reviewed the Hermes Dopod recently and one down side that was mentioned was the blue LED’s used behind the keys. Well, someone wasnt afraid to take it apart and geardiary have reported on a Hermes with white LED’s lighting up the keyboard. I have to say it does look rather good!

Hermes in bits

Check out the full details at the links below.

Via: GearDiary. Mods made at PalmisLife

Home Made Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

Ben Heck has done it again. He has made another handheld console by hacking up an old one and making it portable. This time the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) 8-bit machine gets the hack saw. It has 2.5 hours of battery power, a 5″ screen and can play 2 players.

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NES Controller Mobile

Now we are talking! Someone has modded an old NES controller and made it in to a mobile phone. The NES controller was taken apart and a Nokia 3200 series phone was also taken apart and both of them put together to make the ultimate in retro mods. Check it out here

nes controller mod.jpg



Spinning LED Displays has made a list of the top 5 Spinning LED Displays. You may have seen these displays dotted around airports and other busy shopping malls. People have decided to make them on their own! Kind of cool but I have no idea how to make them my self.

VirtualGameSystem.jpg _spin_1.jpg _rus4.jpg