Mini-Mote – Mini Wii Controller

mini-mote-side-viewThe Mini-Mote is a shrunk down Nintendo Wii Controller that was created by DHRECK. DHRECK basically took a regular Wii-Mote and chopped off all the bulk making this very sleek looking Wii Controller.

mini-moteAs well as having a smaller Wii-Mote the nunchuck has also be scaled down in size too. The 2 controllers are made from actual Wii controllers with a bit of carving with a knife and a bit of modelling clay and glue.

The good news is that you can also build your own as DHRECK has provided a full set of instructions too that are fairly easy to follow if you are capable of chopping things up. Good luck and be sure to let Gadget Venue know about your creations.

Instructions can be found over at DHRECK’s site here.

Via: GearCrave

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