Ben Heck PS3 Slim Laptop Listed on eBay

Ben Heck is well known for hacking up consoles and making them in to portable units. One of them is a PS3 Slim converted in to a laptop style setup allowing it to be carried around and played on the go. The PS3 Slim Laptop has a 17 inch HD display allowing for crystal clear graphics.

The PS3 Slim Laptop has been listed on eBay now by altfeldtoy who mentions he actually won the PS3 laptop in a local business competition. Currently there are 26 bids on the auction with the latest amount being $3,350.00 USD. [Read more…]

RC Star Trek Enterprise Hacked in to a Sub

This USS Enterprise from the famous Star Trek has been hacked and modded in to a fully working RC submarine. The Enterprise model used is the NCC-1701-A and as can be seen in the video below it actually works quite well under water.

The Enterprise Sub was created by a specialist team of modders called aqua modelers who meet up yearly to show of their latest underwater hackery. [Read more…]

IntoDream Portable SEGA DreamCast

IntoDream-Portable-DreamCastBacteria is a SEGA fan who has spent about 4 months recently hacking a SEGA DreamCast in to a portable console. The portable SEGA DreamCast is called IntoDream and has stereo speakers, an N64 analogue stick, full rumble features and a built in VMU (visual memory unit).

The system uses a 5 inch LCD screen taken from a PSone and although a chunky portable device, it fully works as a DreamCast would. The IntoDream is powered by a six amp battery that is capable of powering the device for about two hours which isn’t too bad considering the machine it’s powering. [Read more…]

Amazon Kindle 2 Hacked to run Linux

Kindle-Hack-LinuxJesse Vincent has managed to hack the Amazon Kindle 2. His Kindle 2 now runs Ubuntu 9.04 ported to ARM running in a chrooted environment.

To achieve this the Kindle was hacked in to using a USB networking debug mode that Amazon left open on older Kindle 2’s. Full details are below… [Read more…]

iPhone Charging with a Netbook Battery

netbook-iphone-chargerA guy over at prusadjs has hacked up his old MSI Wind 3 cell battery, attached a USB connector and now it is capable of charging an iPhone.

The iPhone takes about 2.5 hours to fully charge and the netbook battery is left with about 50% of it’s charge left meaning a second full charge of the iPhone should be possible. [Read more…]

DIY Augmented Reality Display

diy_wearable_computerWe are seeing more of augmented reality in these last few weeks in products such as the iPhone, business cards and now the DIY wearable computer with heads up unit that creates an augmented reality display.

Augmented reality is a mixture of bringing internet and computer related information with every day life and this DIY augmented reality display headset makes use of this technology. By using a Motorola iDEN i425 the unit has an always-on internet connection. A Myvu Crystal is used for the HUD and a Sony UMPC attaches it altogether. [Read more…]

Lunar Lander Game tests your Flying Skills

lunar_lander_modelThe Lunar Lander game kind of reminds me of them grabber games in the arcades where you need to pick up a teddy bear. This version has a lunar lander module attached to the arm which you need to carefully control till you land on a specified target. A number of old school instruments and dials let you know if your moving too fast and what speed etc…

The game is based around an ATMEL AVR microcontroller and uses an Arduino board to connect it to a USB port, via serial to a PC. [Read more…]

Light Bulb Aquarium

light_bulb_aquariumHere is an image of the beginnings of an aquarium made from a light bulb.

It is built from a normal light bulb that has been butchered a bit to empty the innards out and put some small rocks/pebbles inside. [Read more…]

TV Bag – Repurposed Sony Transistor TV

This vintage Sony Transistor TV was gutted out, drilled, padded, polished and somewhere in that process suddenly became a bag. [Read more…]

Arch Ball DIY Clock

The Arch Ball Clock is a DIY project that you can build. It uses 2 stepper motors to control the 2 arches. The arch on the left represents hours and the one on the right represents minutes. The arches hold a steel ball bearing which rolls freely on the arch above the number that gives the time. [Read more…]

TI Boy – TI-84 Gameboy Emulator

A Gameboy Emulator has been created for the Texas Instruments graphic calculators. It is compatible with TI-83+SE, TI-84+, and TI-84+SE calculators and has advanced far enough that it does more then the original black and white that the first emulator was capable of. As of now it can render 4 greyscales and gives you the ability to switch over the blacks and whites.

The software was written by Brendan Fletcher and it runs on the Z-80 based calculators due to the CPU’s being similar. [Read more…]

NES Controller Pendant

The NES Controller Pendant was custom built by an Etsy seller named Sarah Lynne who runs Sarah Lynne Designs. It was put together by using wire, paper and paint. [Read more…]