Japanese Style Wireless XBOX 360 Arcade Stick

xbox-360-arcade-joystickThis is the ultimate gaming joystick for Street Fighter fans. It is custom built for the XBOX 360 and is wireless too. The design takes inspiration from the arcade cabs and their ease of use compared to the regular controllers we see these days.

Like many others, the designer of this Arcade Stick has been a fan of street fighter since the early 90’s. The arcade stick has been designed to mimic the old SFII game which also had just 6 buttons. As the creator puts it…

You will notice the stick has only 6 play buttons. This is on purpose and is made to simulate the original 6 button Street Fighter 2 Arcade Machine. This six button layout is how all street fighter games are meant to be played. the addition of the 7th and 8th buttons are simply a convenience feature for novice console users that have trouble pressing 2 or 3 buttons at the same time.

To make it even better this Joystick is wireless making it “probably” the only wireless arcade stick on the market. This thing is built tough too being made of plexiglass that is scratch resistant and that sits on a tough aluminium casing. Each hole was cut to precision as well as each joint manually and carefully soldered. The button layout matches that exactly of the original arcade cab in dimensions.

The stick is powered by a rechargeable battery pack that can be charged via a USB cable that takes away the need of having to open it up.

XBOX 360 Arcade Stick Includes :-

-One Wireless Xbox 360 Arcade Joystick
-VERY STURDY Professional quality All Aluminum Construction
-4x Rubber feet so it doesn’t slide around
-Arcade Quality Seimetsu Balltop Joystick (Black)
-Arcade Quality Seimetsu Buttons A/B/X/Y/RB/LB(RedPunch/BlackKick)
-Small Push button for Start/Back/Menu/Wireless Synch to XBOX360
-Integrated Rechargable Battery
-USB Charging Cable 3’6″ long (Controller can be played with the cable as power source if battery dies, recommend a USB extension, available at dollar stores 🙂 )
-Graphic under Protective Plexiglass

I have to admit that this is absolutely fantastic and perfect for those wanting to buy Street Fighter IV on their 360.

Available at Etsy costing $240.

Similar model over at Amazon for $72.99 currently.



  1. Dark Josh NZ says

    That is fricken awesome, Love the look ^_^

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