No UMD’s For PSP2 Either??

To add even more bumpf to the rumour mill, it seems that (allegedly) Sony’s PSP2 will not be launched housing a UMD drive.

Is it just me or were one of the main reasons why the PSPGo didn’t do as well as intended was due to the removal of it’s UMD drive and reverting to digital downloads only instead?? [Read more…]

10th Birthday For The PS2

October 26th 2000 was the day that Sony’s PlayStation 2 hit the shelves in stores all over North America. It reached record sales of over 146 million units since then.

It sported a DVD player and cutting-edge technology to bring gamers the latest in gaming graphics that the world had ever seen. All this was for a paltry sum of $300. [Read more…]

New Red Wii Bundle Announced

Announced today by Nintendo, as part of it’s 25th anniversary of the original Super Mario Bros. game, which was release on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), was the release of their limited edition red Wii bundle which will come with a copy of the New Super Mario Bros. game, a new red Wii Remote Plus controller as well as the standard Wii Sports with, you guessed it, a red Nunchuk controller too. [Read more…]

Bugs in Fallout: New Vegas

While playing Fallout 3 whilst trying to bide my time until my very own copy of Fallout: New Vegas arrives through my letterbox, i was reminded of the some of the little ‘quirks’ I came across throughout the Washington wasteland.Bugs and glitches, though minor, are dotted throughout the game with the occasional NPC walking ‘through’ tables, watching someone talk without moving their lips, other characters moving along the ground though still in a seated position and one or two points when the game completely freezes and I have to resort to a previous game-save. [Read more…]

Microsoft’s not sure the about 3D gaming just yet

In an interview with CNN, Microsoft Studios boss Phil Spencer noted the companies lack lustre for 3D gaming for the time being in saying…

“As an entertainment company, we’re trying to do things that millions of people can go enjoy today… And for better or for worse, people just don’t really have TVs in their house right now that are going to do 3-D in a way that’s going to work.”

[Read more…]

Fallout: New Vegas – DLC due for christmas release, PS3 left out again

When Call of Duty was released on the Xbox 360 and PS3, Ps3 owners had to wait for DLC. When GTA was released on the Xbox 360 and PS3, PS3 owners had to wait for DLC. Now it seems that the PS3 has once again been given the cold shoulder.

As many know, Fallout’s next instalment i.e. Fallout: New Vegas will be released both on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3… But…With DLC already in line for a Christmas release, PS3 owners will be snubbed once more. [Read more…]

Wii Getting Netflix Streaming

Not too long ago, it was announced that Sony’s PS3 will be receiving Netflix streaming without the need for disc support and it now seems, as of today, that Nintendo’s Wii will be receiving the same service too via the Wii Shop Channel. [Read more…]

Crazy Taxi Arriving To Xbox and PlayStation

For ages and ages I’ve been wanting to see this game on our next-gen consoles, I remember when it first came out on the Sega Dreamcast and it was around that time that I really started to get into Offspring. But I digress, the game back then garnered solid review scores due to its variety of mini-games, wacky characters and wicked soundtrack (hence the getting into The Offspring bit). [Read more…]

PS3: Sony Confirms Deal With LOVEFiLM

We wrote not too long ago about the possibility of LOVEFiLM being available to PS3 gamers next month. Now Sony have certified that this is for real as they have crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s as it were and preparing for LOVEFiLM to cater for gamers in the UK.

Once you turn on your PS3 and have downloaded the required update, you will have access to LOVEFiLM’s library of movies via the PlayStation 3’s XMB. [Read more…]

IPTV Coming to Xbox 360 Next Month

Sony’s PlayStation 3 has had the capabilities for quite a while now via it’s PlayTV service, which adds an extra peripheral but does allow the user to watch and record programmes from a huge range of TV channels. [Read more…]

Halo: Reach Nabs Top-Spot From Modern Warfare 2

It’s happened… As of this week, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has been knocked off the top-spot by (surprise, surprise) Halo: Reach. [Read more…]

New Xbox 360 Dashboard Beta Preview

As of today, those who signed up a little while ago and went trough the registration process for Microsoft’s “Preview Program” will notice, that as they turn on their xbox, they will be greeted with a message to download a new update for Microsoft’s new ‘Kinect ready’ Dashboard. [Read more…]