IPTV Coming to Xbox 360 Next Month

Sony’s PlayStation 3 has had the capabilities for quite a while now via it’s PlayTV service, which adds an extra peripheral but does allow the user to watch and record programmes from a huge range of TV channels.

It’s been a long time coming but Xbox 360 owners may now finally be able to watch their favourite TV programmes (all in glorious High-Def) as well, via their console by using it as a set-top box. This was originally announced though by Microsoft ┬ánearly 4 years ago at CES 2007.

Console owners will first need to (if not already) sign-up with AT&T’s Uverse IPTV Service and then they’ll need to already own a DVR that’s been activated to this same service. The other small catch is that the xbox will need to have a hard drive as well which seems fairly reasonable if you’re one with a rather large list of favourite shows you don’t plan on missing.

This latest addition should be coming shortly after the new Dashboard update due early November.

With everything else that’s already, currently available, is this really necessary? Or does this only add to the console’s greatness? Or are you even interested?? Tell us what you think.

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