Crazy Taxi Arriving To Xbox and PlayStation

For ages and ages I’ve been wanting to see this game on our next-gen consoles, I remember when it first came out on the Sega Dreamcast and it was around that time that I really started to get into Offspring. But I digress, the game back then garnered solid review scores due to its variety of mini-games, wacky characters and wicked soundtrack (hence the getting into The Offspring bit).

When it arrives, Crazy Taxi will be available on Xbox 360’s ¬†Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation 3’s PlayStation Network for $9.99/800 Microsoft points. It will be widely available to purchase across the US, Europe and Australia around November 24th along with updated HD 720p graphics, new leaderboards and additional gamerscore points/Trophies as well.

I’ve included a short video and a couple pics to take you back down memory lane and for a little taster of what you can expect if you haven’t played it before.

Via: GameSpot

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