Bugs in Fallout: New Vegas

While playing Fallout 3 whilst trying to bide my time until my very own copy of Fallout: New Vegas arrives through my letterbox, i was reminded of the some of the little ‘quirks’ I came across throughout the Washington wasteland.Bugs and glitches, though minor, are dotted throughout the game with the occasional NPC walking ‘through’ tables, watching someone talk without moving their lips, other characters moving along the ground though still in a seated position and one or two points when the game completely freezes and I have to resort to a previous game-save.

These minor glitches didn’t detract from the game as a whole though the thought did occur to me of why games developed even now, still find bugs worming their way into them. I admit, Fallout is an awesome game with┬áhumongous┬ámaps to traverse, fantastic scenery to view and a huge number of side quests, not to mention the number of items found in any given room, so I’m not surprised that a few glitches here and there materialise now and then.

But for Fallout: New Vegas, you’d think that many of these would’ve been ironed out. Remember the awful bugs found in Fallout 3’s DLC ‘The Pitt’ when it first arrived. Thankfully, those bugs were quickly dealt with and thankfully again, they have not been resurrected in New Vegas.

At present new owners of the game have already been reporting bugs found during gameplay.

According to IGN, the developers at Bethesda are addressing these issues and that updates will be available shortly…

“We are currently working on releasing patches/updates as quickly as possible for Fallout: New Vegas, for all platforms.”

Already on YouTube, a few gamers have posted some of what they’ve found… Including a Moon-walking dog and a new scene for the exorcist. You can view these below.

Fortunately I have not yet come across such bugs during my own playthrough and not too sure whether these extend to both release consoles and PC.

If you find any yourself then let us know.

(Via: IGN.com)


  1. Honestly I played it with the patch, and still had plenty of bugs. Had a previously friendly NPC attack for no reason, lost my companions, found invisible rocks I couldn’t get past, watched one of my companions keep slouching or showing her teeth as if she were visiting the dentist, but I still enjoyed the game enormously.

  2. i went to the brotherhood of steel bunker and did all their quests and replaced the guy as elder. now i’m locked out of the bunker and it says i need a key to get in. i have 2 important quests that require me to get in and i can’t do them now. i want to support the ncr but i can’t progress through their missions anymore. thanks bethesda..

  3. Okay… I just found a couple. In the place known as The Thorn, you are allowed to set up fights between creatures of the wasteland, fight with them, or bet on an in session match. After placing a bet, the creatures (deathclaw vs. 3 nightstalkers) just stood still and I could not speek to Red Lucy, which means I couldn’t finish the quest Bleed Me Dry. Another is that after joining a match and finishing it, gates are supposed to let you out. This time they didn’t. I was forced to find a more difficult route out. However, after escaping, i spoke to Red Lucy and she said that the match wasn’t over yet. The game immediately froze and corrupted ALL my save files. There goes FIVE WEEKS worth of gameplay. I was frigging level 23 out of 30. This just happened today, 12/12/10

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