No UMD’s For PSP2 Either??

To add even more bumpf to the rumour mill, it seems that (allegedly) Sony’s PSP2 will not be launched housing a UMD drive.

Is it just me or were one of the main reasons why the PSPGo didn’t do as well as intended was due to the removal of it’s UMD drive and reverting to digital downloads only instead??

Outcries from the gaming community reverberated across various forums and the like expressing there… dislike to the idea of no UMD drive as many enjoyed eyeing up their more physical collection of game discs on there shelves at home. This plus the original starting price placed on the handheld console added to gamer’s frustration.

According Kotaku, who seem to have a large handful of ‘details’ (the word ‘details’ is being used loosely here) , the PSP2 will apparently support 2 analogue sticks, HD gameplay, a larger screen with touch controls, a processor to compete against that of the Xbox with twice to RAM at 1GB over 512mb.

We have no further information as to any other specs surrounding the portable console but when we get it, we’ll update you further.

Will this be enough to persuade you to fork out for Sony’s newest handheld? For what the PSP2 isĀ purported to have, we’re expecting a high price to pay though perhaps Sony will make it worth our while??

Let us know what you think.


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