Confirmed: New Wii Remote Plus On It’s Way

In an earlier post, where we spoke about the confirmation for dates and prices for the new Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo also confirmed rumours about a new version of the Wii remote but with no launch details as yet, though we’ll update you when we know more.

This news comes as Sony having just recently released their new Playstation Move and with Microsoft planning on bringing their new motion-tracking peripheral Kinect to us in November. [Read more…]

Kinect Support For Sky Player

According to the good people of Microsoft and Sky have now confirmed that Sky Player on the Xbox 360 will work with Kinect come launch day. [Read more…]

New DLC For Left 4 Dead Has A Date

The makers of Left 4 Dead have announced new downloadable content which will be released on October 5th an will be available on Xbox LIVE and PC. Valve have named this new instalment “The Sacrifice” which will be playable on both Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2. [Read more…]

Release Date Announced For Nintendo’s 3DS – Unofficial

A European newspaper has inadvertently let slip the release date for Nintendo’s 3DS.

The details are that its to be launched this coming November in Japan and then followed by Europe next Spring, though this should all be made official when the announcement is made at a Tokyo press event September 29th.

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Little Big Planet 2 Delayed Until January 18th

For me, ‘Sackboy’ has become the new mascot for Sony’s PS3. He’s the star of the hugely successful Little Big Planet wherein you were pretty much free to do more or less anything you wanted and allowed you to fully customize you own sack boy (or girl) with a myriad of various costumes from Metal Gear Solid to Killzone 2, from Street Fighter to God of War or even create your own.

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EA says Sony will trump Microsoft in UK

Yet another bow to add to PS3’s ever-growing quiver and yet another round to continue the ever-growing battle of the consoles… According to the video games publisher EA, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 could be taking a back seat to Sony’s PS3.

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Project Milo Cancelled???

“[Milo] is a technology demo that continues to exist, but right now it’s not a game that we’re planning to bring to market.”

That’s what Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg told Australian TV show Good Game in July concerning and don’t forget that ‘Milo’ was one of the highlights during Microsoft’s press release at E3.

But then Peter Moleneux said to Eurogamer last month concerning the creation of Project Milo, a simulated relationship between a young boy named Milo and the player…

“I wouldn’t be working on it if I didn’t hope that to be true, yes.”

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New Xbox LIVE Update Beta Taking Sign-Ups

From the little picture you see before you, there’s going to be a new update for the Xbox 360 Dashboard and a great one at that.

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Microsoft to ‘pass by’ Blu-ray

For a while now, Microsoft has held firm to the belief that its not all about Blu-ray but rather digital downloads instead and would rather leave the HD format all to Sony.

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More Info On The Nintendo 3DS Hardware


As reported by IGN, new information has now been gleaned from Nintendo concerning the hardware in their new ‘glassesless’ (if thats that even a word) 3D handheld console.

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PS3 Blu-Ray 3D Support Now Here, Amongst Other Things

The Sony Playstation 3 Slim

Well its finally arrived, the long awaited PS3 Blu-Ray 3D support update is ready to download. Unfortunately, like we said in a previous post regarding this, you still need to have a 3D capable TV set in order to truly experience what this new update has to offer as well as the few games that are also available on the Playstation Network.

Once firmware version 3.50 has been downloaded you’ll be able to see for yourself what all the fuss is about… In 3D. [Read more…]

Halo: Reach – 31 Million Games Played Since Release!

Halo: Reach – 31 million games played since release!!!!!!!

So as of today, one week since launch day and already 31,000,000 games have been played on Halo: Reach whether it be Firefight, Online Coop, or Campaign mode. 31,000,000 games – that completely wipes out what Halo 3 did for the highest number of concurrent simultaneous players online at once which reached well over 700,000.

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