PS3: Sony Confirms Deal With LOVEFiLM

We wrote not too long ago about the possibility of LOVEFiLM being available to PS3 gamers next month. Now Sony have certified that this is for real as they have crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s as it were and preparing for LOVEFiLM to cater for gamers in the UK.

Once you turn on your PS3 and have downloaded the required update, you will have access to LOVEFiLM’s library of movies via the PlayStation 3’s XMB.

Though users won’t be getting the full ‘LOVEFiLM’ experience at present as they will only be able to view approximately 3% of their entire library at launch (around 2000), but not to fear as this is due to be expanded shortly thereafter.

At the moment a £5.99 per/month package will get you two hours of online time. Those on the £7.99 per/month package get four hours, then those who are paying £9.99 per/month will get unlimited access. Though at this time LOVEFiLM will not be offering the full range of movies available via the firm’s online pay-per-view services or postal DVD and Blu-ray offerings.

It seems that the reason PS3 owners won’t be getting the whole bunch is due to Sony already offering their own “reasonably priced” viewing plans.

Via: GameSpot

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