Fallout: New Vegas – DLC due for christmas release, PS3 left out again

When Call of Duty was released on the Xbox 360 and PS3, Ps3 owners had to wait for DLC. When GTA was released on the Xbox 360 and PS3, PS3 owners had to wait for DLC. Now it seems that the PS3 has once again been given the cold shoulder.

As many know, Fallout’s next instalment i.e. Fallout: New Vegas will be released both on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3… But…With DLC already in line for a Christmas release, PS3 owners will be snubbed once more.

Just to reinforce things, as quoted by Bethesda’s Vice President, Pete Hines…

“We’re excited to continue the partnership between Bethesda and Microsoft, and build on the success of the game add-ons released for Fallout 3 on Xbox LIVE”

According to GameSpot, Bethesda and Microsoft have signed a deal that means the multi-platform game’s DLC will be released solely for the 360 console, at least for the time being. As with other games in the past, PS3 and PC owners could be getting their hands on it as well but not right now.

Are you bored of this? Is this another story of Microsoft, yet again flexing it’s muscles? Let us know what you think?

(Via: GameSpot and i4u.com)


  1. It’s not been “left out”. Microsoft paid money to ensure it’s “left out”. If this were any company other than Microsoft, it would be deemed anti-competitive, but everyone knows, the US Government are scared of Microsoft’s mafia-style bullying, and using their leverage in other buisness sectors to gain dominance in others.

    Clearly Microsoft are therefore untouchable.

    • Steven Smith says

      Yes yes big bad Microsoft stole yet more exclusive content for their system. Instead of getting mad at Microsoft why not pressure Sony into flexing their muscles. If Sony was a small Mom and Pop establishment I would be on their side but they are not, they are a huge company that just chooses to underfund the Playstation 3 and in the end they will fail horribly for doing so. If you don’t believe me just ask yourself one thing, What happened to the Sega Dreamcast?

      • The Sega Dreamcast was destroyed by the Playstation 2, that’s what happened to it, just like the Sega Saturn was destroyed by the Playstation. So you have PSone and PS2 that have destroyed all other competition for the most part, even forced Nintendo to change their market, and you’re worried about Sony not giving enough to support PS3? This is Microsoft trying to buy out the PS3 instead of improving their product. They’re bitter that they lost the Bluray/HD DVD war, and to make up for the fact that newer games are going to require 2 or even 3 disks on the 360 as opposed to 1 disk for PS3, they are buying out all the DLC rights. And why would the publishers let this happen? Money. It’s all about money.

      • thats the stupidst ive ever heard. Sony already has free online unlike microsoft so im sure that puts a whole in their pocket. they also gave their consoles much more, such as blureray, wireless internet, capable of internet browsing, the many options to customize your playstation, etc. Alot more than the piece of xbox 360 and also at the same price as the “elite.” There best xbox.

  2. Sony can’t compete with Microsoft, MS have Bill Gates backing, yet again PS3 owners will be left in the dark well I own both consoles but I’m so dedicated to Sony I will purchase this game for the PS3 and hope we may see it sometime, I’m sick of the same stuff over and over again.

  3. Microsoft didn’t steal the DLC, they paid for its development. I have both systems.. and why I prefer ps3 titles, I bought it on xbox purely for this reason.

  4. Left out lol, Na Not with way better +true exclusives. I mean come on Uncharted 1 Uncharted 2, Demon Souls, Resistance 2, Ratchet and Clank, Infamous, Gran Turismo 5, Killzone 2, Little Big Planet, Heavy Rain, Siren, Valkyrie Chronicles, motostorm, DC universe, Ico projects, Blu Ray movies 3D TVs and gaming. My Headsets My stereo, my Video editor, my TV, A motion picture company (Ok now were only talking Sony the giant). And wasn’t games like this and and Bioshock and others supposed to only always be Microsoft only at one point? What happened to that? Sony owns like half the media world, its not some little iffy. Its gonna keep coming.

    And what was the total sales at start like 11 million to 0 in favor of the 360. And now its like 52 mill to 48, still in favor of the 360 but still? Man when is the media gonna wake up and smell the coffee. I guess on the day (and it will come at this pace) When the 360 falls to dead last in sales.

    • Lunarwolf58 says

      You DO Know That MOST of The xbox’s Sales Aren’t Usually New people…They’re Old Customers Who’s Xbox Broke. They’re Bought to Replace the Broken Xbox they had that the problem Wasnt Covered or Warranty Expired

      • Very true. I’m on my 4th X360 and My 2nd PS3 that are both still working just fine. Thats why 90% of my game purchases are for the PS3. I do not like a company that is greedy and doesn’t stand behind there products.(a.k.a M$)

    • Agreed!! Its just how things are this go around. People wouldn’t make such a big deal about it if they weren’t hung up on the fact that its MS product. I still want to play MSG4 and GOW 3 but its not on the 360. If I REALLY wanted to play it that bad I’d buy a PS3. Besides we’re talking about DLC content just like in Fallout 3 it would more than likely be released a bit later.

  5. Whinge whinge whinge. How is this any different from timed exclusives? Sony had similar tactics on the last gen of consoles. Its called business

  6. haha the xbox has got nothing in the way of AAA titles so it has to steal DLC from multi plats gtfo

    • You say the 360 “has got nothing in the way of AAA titles”? Okay, let’s investigate this. I assume you are referring to the common definition of an AAA title, a game with an average score of 90 or higher. Well, let’s head on over to Metacritic to see if what you claim is true:

      According to Metacritic:

      -The Xbox 360 has 33 games scoring 90 or higher
      -The PS3 has 26 games scoring 90 or higher

      Hmm. Now maybe all those games are old and none of the newer games are AAA. Maybe the 360 is dominating 2010? Let’ see:

      -So far in 2010, the Xbox 360 has 8 games scoring 90 or higher:

      -Mass Effect 2 (96)
      -Red Dead Redemption (95)
      -Rock Band 3 (94)
      -Super Street Fighter IV (91)
      -Halo: Reach (91)
      -Super Meat Boy (91)
      -Bayonetta (90)
      -LIMBO (90)

      -So far in 2010, the PS3 has 5 games scoring 90 or higher:

      -Red Dead Redemption (95)
      -Rock Band 3 (93)
      -God of War III (92)
      -Super Street Fighter IV (92)
      -MLB 10: The Show (91)

      Hmm, it looks like the 360 is actually handily beating the PS3 in AAA games this year… How do you explain this?

      • HAHA! because people are flocking to Live to get Super Meat Boy….and btw Mass effect 2 is coming out on ps3 Jan 2011….and super street fighter and Rock Band 3 are out on ps3. Get your facts right.

      • Partyboy3355 says

        Lol you forgot mass effect 2 is now multi platform? its coming to the ps3

      • Now I don’t care at all about the “console war,” but if you really do, at least have a valid point, man. Of the 360 games you named, only two(2) are exclusives. Halo, and Limbo, and you could argue that Limbo has inflated scores becuase it is actually a good indie game, which is rare. so by that math, the score is two to two, based on exclsuives not multi-plat games.

        Besides, what does it matter what somebody else play? Just play what YOU like, and like what you play.

      • tonydetiger says

        your list
        mass effect 2 is coming to ps3.
        beyonetta is milti platform (dont count)
        god of war collections (you forgot)
        kill zone (you forgot)
        uncharted 2 (you forgot)
        rock band is for kids 10 and under
        Gran Turismo 5
        etc etc

  7. putting a title on the list that is on both systems is stupid. letsee



    MLB 10: THE SHOW

    1 game this year……and btw count all of the AAA scores for ps3 vs xbox 360…..we win by 1
    good day to you sir

  8. screw xbox for one! had two both breaking on me for idk what reasons maybe so i can go out and buy another one like a tool. it seems to me that microsoft is a bit money hungry. charging ppl for online service for “security”, from what i hear. i had two accounts hacked, the second time i called xbox and got it recovered like a month later. but, it was banned from xbox live and the only way i could play again accordind to xbox customer support was to give up my credit card info, NOT HAPPENING! and then you got ppl “j tagging” thier shyt like its cool. and of course most ppl just back up the console they have, without even trying the other, ive done it and its pretty stupid, because boy was i wrong to think xbox was better than ps3. from experience, and this is just MY opinion, ps3 rapes xbox!

    im not really worried about xbox getting first dibs on dlc.. they can test it out make sure that they get rid of those nasty bugs before it comes out on ps3 all polished up.

  9. o yeah, HALO SUCKS!!!!!

  10. Partyboy3355 says

    ive had a ps3 since the christmas after it came out and its been hooked up online since and guess what never been hacked…. just supporting the fact PS3 rapes xbox

  11. XBLA Runebreak says

    total sales now stand at 40,391,841 for the Xbox 360 and 35,483,791 for the PS3. That should tell you why bethesda did what they did. You all have to realize that thier main goal is ot make money, and in order to do this they have to sell to the most open market.

    • but bethesda is just crapping on all there fans on ps3 and while it might be true that xbox has sold more systems i wonder what the breakdown is between copies sold to either xbox or ps3

    • You have to bare in mind though that the Xbox has been out almost a year longer than the PS3 and alot of Xbox owners sufferd the RROD and had to either buy or a new replacement Xbox through warrenty. (Odd thing is most RROD seemed to happen around the same time).

      However you look at it, if both consoles had an even playing field and going off your numbers……..say if both consoles got released on the same date and the RROD never happend then the PS3 would actually outsell the Xbox even with its high price tag at the time, just imagine if both consoles were the same price, the PS3 would rape the Xbox in sales. FACT.

    • if it was all about the money wouldnt they just release it on both platforms. So its nt jst about the money
      and i have played both consoles and yes ps3 tickles xbox

  12. XBLA Runebreak says

    Which right now happenes to be microsoft. It dosent matter wether or not microsoft got where it is by strong arming people it only maters that it got where it is. A five billion difference in console sales is huge and bethesda is smart for realizing this.

    On another point, XBLA might not be free but people who pay for it are actualy active. PSN comes with the system so there is no definate way for bethesda to make sure a large number of players have internet and/or actualy use the connection.

    • Rune, the activity argument, at least bhow you used it, has to be one of the most soft-boiled points I’ve ever seen somebody actually try to use as a closer. Ever.

    • that has to be one of the strangest comments I’ve ever read. bethesda cut out 35m ps3 users to get an extra 5m xbox gamers? do the math, friend. ms paid bethesda to do this, plain and simple, and of course bethesda agreed to take a big wad of cash when still guaranteed sales to ps3 owners later. strange strategy on ms’ part tho. I’ve played loads of bethesda games since getting hooked on morrowind on the pc, but this wont make me want to buy an xbox!

      • dude no, fallout has sold alot more copys of its games on microsoft platforms than sony. Think of fallout 3 and all the dlc microsoft sold for bethesda. I bet because of release times and such that xbox outsold ps3 on fallout 3 about 25:1.

        U do the maths my friend

  13. Does nobody care about PC? In my opinion, the PC version is far better because of the command console, the mods, and the fact that the game is less rigid because you can set hotkeys for your guns. But as usual, everyone seems to ignore the PC version. What about it? It doesn’t even make sense that this DLC isn’t being released for the PC since Microsoft controls both Games for Windows AND Xbox 360 games!

  14. lubieplacki says

    i have ps 3 and xbox 360i like xbox more because 1 controlers anre better 2 better dashboard 3 fuck ps3 ..PS3 people realise that ms is better i dont care that i have to pay 45 euro a year for xbox live i am paying for somthing i like !!!!!!

    • MuchoGracias says

      just wait until you’re one of the 10,000 losers who have their 360s fail on them each week. Ill stick with my ps3 which overall is a much faster and reliable console.

      • I enjoy the fact that my original Ps3 is still in perfect working condition (no ring of death) , online play is FREE (which I utilize daily and ultimately means that xbox players pay more for their lesser product in the long run) , Bluray (not outdated HD), I can surf the web (xbox cant), I download my own movies on the system without having to actually pay “xbox live” for it, wireless internet connection availability, “media sharing”, which means anything I want on my Ps3 is only a click on my laptop away and better system quality and customization “IT ONLY DOES EVERYTHING”.

        • Dual Owner says

          Ok, I own both a PS3 and a Xbox 360. Firstly, the controller on Xbox annoys me because I hate the way it’s designed and the fact that if you don’t pay extra for a cable, you have to keep replacing the batteries while the PS3 has a charging cable provided with it at no extra cost.

          A better dashboard? I hated the Xbox dashboard, the backgrounds were in no way interesting, and even the downloadable backgrounds annoyed me. I currently use the F.E.A.R 2 background and I actually like the effect. It is also easier to navigate and you can see the entire dashboard even during a game and it tells you if you have to quit the game to use certain aspects, the xbox uses that little box and you have to quit the game, let it go back to the screen and then scroll to the item you want.

          I agree with the guy above, free online gaming, so while you’re paying to play online, we’re just playing for free. I also love wireless connectivity, I couldn’t play online at all if I didn’t have that, and I browse the web for stuff on my PS3 because I don’t need to wait for my family PC. And I bought the multi-pack for Inception (Blu-ray and normal) and I like the quality of the Blu-Ray more than the normal.

          So really, does the Xbox stand up to the PS3, RROD wrecked my first Xbox so I used warranty (12 months) for the second, but I prefer PS3 so much that I let my friend borrow my Xbox and all of my games because I won’t play it. I’ve had my PS3 for almost 2 1/2 years now and have not had a problem.

          Just saying.

    • tonydetiger says

      you have your own opinion but your opinion is flawed. You DO KNOW that you can modify your ps3 dashboard right? for free. 360 doesn’t have six axis for their bulky ass controllers. you WASTE 45 euro each year and could’ve bought a game each time. If you love wasting money each year? go ahead mr rich guy and give it to a king of monopoly.

  15. What none of you have clued in on is the fact that by PS3 owners having to wait, it means we’ll be getting a relatively bug free DLC release after three months of testing thanks to the XBots who, for all intents and purposes, paid to be essentially what amounts to bug testers.

    Thanks XBots! As with Modern Warfare 2’s map packs, I look forward to my patched DLC!!

  16. the xbox is 100 bucks cheaper than ps3 thats probably why theres more sales this year…..theresno need for bashing ppl. both systems have their flaws it’s although for the ps3 it’s a flaw with the company not really doing anything for us consumers except raping us on price,xboxs flaws lie simply in hardware and shitty quality but for some reason ppl KEEP REPLACING THEIR BROKEN XBOXES DUE TO RED RING. so their obviously doing something right! I still will never buy an xbox again(had to replace it 5 times in 1 year) but sony needs to do something cuz I love my ps3 and I love fallout

    • ive had to get my ps3 replaced once and my xbox 8 times. Still i prefer xbox, u know what i cant acctually pin point why. My xbox is dedicated to gaming were my ps3 feels like a bluray player w/ media centre that plays games as well.

  17. Luck Microsoft says

    How did that whole HDDVD thing work out for the Xbox again…Oh yeah that’s right, “The look and sound of ‘perfect'” couldn’t compete with the Blu-Ray. Just Saying…

  18. GET OVER IT says

    both systems have their own exclusive content (games, ect) but why are so many people butt hurt over DLC coming only to xbox live. of corse people don’t care it is only what they get out of it, i have a 360 but even if i didn’t i wouldn’t be raging about DLC only on xbox. guys really it is time to get over it.

  19. the shizleee says

    i bought both at the same time and the ps3 hands down outlasted the xbox about 15 times to none :/ guess that’s and awesome system to have fail for u i got all of mine besides the first 2 free thankfully – – and the ps3 is just so much better in every way i don’t see why not pay the extra amount of money for one but i guess it is more or less depends on the person and what they like and how much money they are willing to spend to be happy.

    • the shizleee says

      but then i guess it is kind of luck of the draw to cause my friend bought and xbox same time i did and his lasted same as my ps3 :/ not sure if he is ninja or carful but nota damn thing wrong

  20. the shizleee says

    o and why does no one like resident evil games especially 5 🙁 those are my absolute favorite games ever

  21. why does microsoft even need to do this? i own only a ps3 (although i have had experience with a 360) and i feel it’s safe to say both consoles are equally matched but this is not good enough? microsoft need to assure the success of thier product so much that they are willing to restrict the gaming experience of thousands of people, That’s not good business, thats bullying. Thats saying “if you want thier console we will take your dlc” They do not need to do this! They do this because they can! In summary microsoft do business by buying out competition and bullying people into buying thier malfunctioning products(seriosly xboxes are delicate as glass) and are overall uhh bad.

  22. I own both systems. The PS3 is relegated to blu ray player and Netflix duty only. I have had two of the old gen 360’s RROD on me. I still bought the new gen 250GB. There’s a reason people buy another 360 when they break. I bought Fallout 3 originally on the PS3 because I figured it was basically the same game and it was single player so it wouldn’t matter. Wrong. The game was 720p on PS3. It was 1080p on 360. It ran smoother on 360. It looked flat on the PS3 in comparison. I traded the PS3 Fallout 3 for the 360 version and lost money doing it. In fact when you buy a game for PS3 pick up the 360 version and look at the resolution. I kid you not, 80% of the time it will be 720p on the PS3 compared to 1080p on 360. Get used to waiting a year or more for DLC on the PS3 version. And congratulations on getting Mass effect 2 a year or so later. It is an awesome game. Take my word I’ve played through it 4 times already. If a 360 player wants Blu ray he can go buy a Netflix capable blu ray player for $100 bucks, buy a new 250GB Xbox and smile while he hooks up with his friends with ease, chats with friends across games, while watching movies and listening to Last FM. I couldn’t even figure out how to find my friends on PS3. It wasn’t worth even trying most of the time.

  23. I’ll be playing the New Fallout DLC tomorrow BTW, I’ll let you PS3 flunks know how awesome it is if you want.

    • Its just a DLC. No one is going to start crying just because you showoff how “awesome” the DLC is. So… just play your console… and leave the other consoles alone. If all you have to say about them isn’t good.

    • tonydetiger says

      cool and we’ll let you know how many cars we can buy on gran turismo 5 when youre done.

  24. All think is that bethesda should gave dlc to both consoles but i know people are saying xbox paid them and its about money but now think if they would make more money also now this also turns so fans off which can make sales drop but truthfully i dont mind wait :]

  25. I skipped to the bottom when I saw someone write that what happened to the Dreamcast was the PS2. Not exactly true. It was the lack of third-party support that spelled out its demise.

  26. I got a PS3 I never did like the xbox due to the retarded membership thing and pay to play online via membership/gold points. Sony has online play as a free standard thing that is enough to win my favor any day.

  27. I only blame sony, they had a chance to take care of their customers also. they rather we buy a x box.

  28. FNVPCplayer says

    As a PC player, the pc market for new vegas is pretty huge,
    probably just as big as the 360 if not bigger. The fact that
    Microsoft OWNS Windows yet the DLC still won’t be released on
    PC(yet) really annoys me. If Microsoft pays for exclusive dlc
    rights, they should give it to all windows computers as well,
    because I’m tired of the Xbox crushing the PC ALL THE

  29. I’m sorry everybody, lets just face it The x box sucks, The
    ps3 has free online blue ray. with the x box, red rings, pay to be
    online hackers cheaters shit talkers, OH and one more thing I use
    to have a x box, I got hacked lost everything I worked for. every
    time you turn around Some ass whipe was hacking my x box, it got to
    a point were this ass hole stole my gamer tag. So i called
    Microsoft up told them what had happen. They said that i was the
    one that hacked, so i said hold on think about if i was to hack why
    am I wasting my time talking to you, if you cant help me and
    beside’s i don’t even know how to hack. so i took the 360 and sold
    it. sorry for douting you soney. GO FUCK YOURSELF MICROSOFT. why
    would I still my own game tag NUM NUTS..

  30. O.K look you people on here need to stop being so angry.
    I’ve owned two PS3s and lived with at least 5 X-box’s and I will
    always choose ps3 over x-box. Its not about which system is
    prettier on the screen its about which system you like more and I
    really like the ps3. I wish that most games were dual console just
    so I could play them but come on people do you have to get pissy
    about it all the time. Some people like ps3 some like x-box 360, if
    they are hard core gamers no argument short of an actual war will
    change their minds. BTW i also own an original xbox if for no other
    reason than kotor and jade empire.

  31. Okay people calm down calm down, First of all id like to
    state that i have both ps3 and xbox and while im more of a sony fan
    (been a follower for much longer then MS) i do not have a personal
    gripe with the 360 system. I can apreciate both for what they
    deliver, an entertaining experience and thats just what it is. Now
    let me get to the DLC issue (this is what i have a problem with). I
    can understand them saying to one company as large as MS fine for
    so many million we will for now postpone it for the ps3 system,
    from a business stand point id probably be encouraged to do it but
    heres why i wouldnt… You are isolating an entire market by doing
    so, this is a large mistake unless they want their next multi
    platform experience to be purchased by half an audience purely
    because they believe they cannot experience the nice little extras
    that lengthen some games. They have the nerve to charge us for an
    experience which should have been that long already but they dont.
    New Vegas in itself was an expansion pack it wasnt a new game…
    the enemies feel the same as do the clothes even the shoddy
    animation system everything about fallout 3 is just ported they
    didnt fix a damn thing…. now thats lazy on their part. If ur
    gonna make a game make it an experience not a rehash of something
    that already exists and then isolate half the market that have
    already decided to throw out retail cash for a remake of the same
    game. When i purchased fallout 3 originally it was on the ps3
    because yes as i said i just prefer the ps3. A few months down the
    line its announced that MS have purchased all the damn dlc rights
    so i take my copy back and sell it before rebuying the 360 version.
    When this game was released i thought no way…. they wont do this
    to me again. And here we are experiencing the same horse shit once
    again meaning my ps3 version is once again going to be permanatly
    out of date until sony either fork over 100 million to bethesda
    which personally i dont see why they should bother… Seing as its
    exactly the same game as fallout 3 only with a different name.
    After this experience… i wont be buying any bethesda softworks
    games because i dont like the message they are spreading. Knock me
    if you wish but its bad business ethics its why ppl hate these
    corporations from the get go because they care about fuck all only
    lining their own pockets with gold. If they had any spine at all
    theyd just release it for the xbox and isolate ps3 buyers from the
    get go so then they can go out and buy a game that wont be half
    complete compared to 360 buyers. Seriously Bethesda, you are
    everything that is wrong with the games industry if you ask me
    personally. People even wonder how these console wars even get
    started and its because of shit like these companies that start it
    in the first place excluding one group of ppl just because they are
    getting more money. I know Sony are no better… and neither are MS
    they are both machines with 0% care about their audience. Once its
    out of the factory none of these companies give a shit, and its
    fucking wrong… Because this is the second time Bethesda have
    fucked me instead of just saying from day 1 okay ps3 buyers DLC
    will only be on the 360 so i can just go out and buy the 360
    version, it renders everything meaningless. I really have respected
    betheda in the past and if i ever meet em im going to tell them
    what i think of them. This type of business is a fucking crime, im
    not gonna be pissing more money up the wall on bethesda,
    seriously… im done. Anyway, as i stated before i know its
    business but if u ask me its wrong… MS & Sony are just
    two dogs fighting over the same scrap of beef, whoever begs enough
    to the owner will get first dibs. I cant support that message. Any
    company that does this to me in the future i will black list them,
    im not gonna waste my time playing games of companies that
    seriously dont give a shit about their market. Seriously… fuck

    • Btw, Agreed. If they want to PS3 owners out of buying their products, Fine. Never Fallout, Never Again. Which sucks, Because A. i love Fallout, B. Fallout is the ONLY game my Girlfriend will play. And she doesn’t care about all this, Does she deserve not to play the DLC? No. Just like every other player, We deserve the same chance.What we need is every person who can afford to Get both systems, Boycott DLC’s on 360. They can’t win a war without Funding.

  32. the only reason the dlc came out on xbox first is so obsidian could patch up the bugs on the system

  33. This is so stupid because I only own a ps3 and I want to play the new dlc. Even though MS payed to have it made dosent meen that ps3 can’t play it at the same time. This is just bull crap greed by MS. Keep it up. And every one defending them most likely already has the game so no freaking way you defend MS. Forget you people

  34. Yay, I once again get Fed up of the same old Garbage MS does, I support Microsoft, in the fact they make a better Computer, The 360 needs work, SO DO IT. Stop messing around, I still have friends complaining of Red Rings. I’ve never seen the “Red/Yellow Light” for PS3, Why? Because it’s obviously Made better. If MS really wants to pull through and be the Computer masters they think they are. A. Ditch 360 Kinect, won’t save you. B. Stop the beating around the bush and the cheap tricks. C. Take knowledge from your competitors! Use Blu-ray or the next step up. Direct download and Hardware links to make your games A more competitive, and B cheaper on yourselves. I support Sony for actually taking the time to work on their Product, Unlike Microsoft, who like a bad movie, or game (as we all know) Rushed production to meet a deadline.

  35. IntactGardenGnome says

    Well, I’d just like to say, maybe off topic, that Uncharted 3 will probably anything the 360 comes out with this year. I’m willing to bet money on it.
    Also, the PS3 is just a better console for a few reasons:
    SONY backs it properly, updating it on a regular basis with asked for and/or required data to keep it running smoother than it’s competitor, as opposed to Microsoft just coming out with the product, and doing nothing to fix it’s severe problems. Maybe if they used the money they spend trying to bash SONY they could fix the whole RROD situation. Now that I think about it, SONY makes sure it’s products don’t have any major flaws like the RROD before releasing it. Seriously, I’m no technician, but I imagine if SONY can release a console without a major flaw like that, a superiorly financed company can do the same?
    Free online as well, and PSN is no worst than the online having to be paid for all the time by LIVE users…
    Kinect, it’s not saving 360. Not at all.
    There’s a few more reasons as to why I support SONY, and don’t go anywhere near 360 and it’s software, but those are the main ones. Call it ‘Fanboyism’ but what I’ve said are valid points.

  36. The PS3 has got the DC univers online only cause it and the pc hase a good motor or what not. PS, Sorry 4 fail grammar I am from swe.

  37. Personally, you know what I say? Stuff Bethesda – all they are doing is hurting themselves. Unless M$ has paid them Billions, they will lose out in the long run on the total income they would have generated through combined DLC sales across all platforms (360, PS3 and PC). I will do what I did with Fallout 3 – I will wait until the GotY edition is released (with bug free DLC) and out for 3 weeks, trade in a bunch of old games and get a pre-owned GotY edition nice and cheap, thus denying Bethesda ANY extra money from me. And I know many F3 gamers who also did this, there’s no wonder the DLC sales on the PS3 sucked – everyone was saying F-you Bethesda in the best way: hitting them in the pocket.

    All this does is HURT Bethesda, their reputation and income. But M$ offered them a big wad up front and rather than examine the long term impact, they just went “money money money!” and grabbed it lol

    I also don’t get why they support such an inferior system, I mean the damn 360 breaks easier than a glass window hit by a house brick. I know about a dozen people owning 360’s and another dozen owning PS3’s. EVERY 360 owner has had RRoD and replaced the machine 3 times minimum. On the other hand, 1 guy has had to return his PS3 once – because the disc eject wouldn’t work! That was it. Call me old fashioned, but when I buy a games console, I want to play games on it not having to keep returning it for repairs.

  38. Christopher says

    Fallout New Vegas does nothing but freeze on my Ps3.

    • try clearing out ur blu-ray cache and all the other things that are just bogging down the system… i know it sounds weird but i had a bit of a lag on mine and i did that and it runs perfectly fine now

  39. hahahahaha says

    The PS3’s HD capabilitys is not enough for it the win the console war.
    ps3 does have great exclusives ,but they need to get their heads out of their ass and do something other than standing by and being microsofts bitch

    • tonydetiger says

      its cool man you’ve shown us your bill gates is rich. The sony community will just have to enjoy better games for the mean time. Its funny, the only REAL title left for MS is gears of war and Halo. Mass effect has already crossed to multi platform.

  40. so the ps3 going to wait now im a big fallout fan so i hope the wait is not so long for us im always looking forword for the next add addon

  41. I myself owned 1 crashbox 360 for 2 months then the red eye of the devil that is Microsoft reared it greedy head. Changing to ps3 is the best choice a gamer could ever make. I’ve had 2 ps3s, an 80 gb which still works after 3 years (gave it to my sister) and a 160 gb no rrodumbass but it’s all good keep your early dlc and suffer.

  42. Shot in the foot says

    So let me get this straight, Microsoft strikes a partnership with Betheseda/Obsidion to get a DLC for a multiplatform game only released on their console (For the time being, Taking all bets on Bethesda selling it on PS3 calling it “timed exclusive’) yet they don’t fix obvious and console breaking glitches. I had to replace my Xbox in the first year under the 12 month warranty because of the RRoD. When I first called microsoft to tell them, they said that it wasn’t under the 12 month warranty (I bought it in July, it was November of the same year) AND THEN told me to try and fix it by removing the power cable and putting it back in, all that did was make the problem worse because it corrupted some of my hard drive. When they eventually did send one, I’d lost almost 100 hours of data for fallout 3 and my data for Star Wars KOTOR 2 which really annoyed me considering how much effort I’d put into the games. After that, I bought a PS3 (Having liked the PS2, I didn’t buy the PS3 at first because of the price) as a Slimline 120gb with 3 games for the same price I payed for the xbox 360 by itself when I first bought it (The games being Rainbow Six 2, GTA 4 and MGS4, 3 of my favourite games ever made) and it hasn’t had a problem for two and a half years.

    Microsoft consistently shoots itself in the foot with the 360, and even though it tries to hide behind it’s exclusive games, they’re not the best games on the market. I finished Halo 3 on legendary in less than a month of getting the game and then beat gears of war 2 with my friend in 3 days on the hardest difficulty setting. MGS4 challenged me for months to beat it on Big Boss Hard, and earning the final medal for beating every other medal was one the best moments of my gaming history. And Gran Turismo 5 is one of the best racers I have ever played, the tracks are so detailed and I love the cars

    My final statement is on online connectivity and inter-sytems basis. I never bothered getting Xbox Live for my Xbox because I had to be constantly hooked up to my internet which is in the main room of my house, meaning I would barely get to play it because other people wanted to use the room and didn’t want my gunshots ringing out from the T.V. I can put my PS3 in my room and play away as much as I want due to the wireless connectivity of the console and I also bought a wireless card so that when I went on holidays and got back after a day on the beach, I could have a couple of rounds of online gaming before I went to bed. I also want to point out the connectivity, it was easier to connect my P.C running windows 7 to my PS3 than to my xbox 360. I store my music, videos and photos on the PS3 to look at on the run and I can also add my holiday pics from my PC to my PS3 straight away. Microsoft owns two companies and yet a completely different company can get better connectivity than they can.

    Come on microsoft, what’s that all about?

  43. tonydetiger says

    its pathetic that microsoft has to once again bust another antitrust-type BS. Its soo sad. for both bathesda/obsydian to be bribed to undermind THE competition. Which only tell you one thing, WEAKNESS!. Microsoft is lucky by far that sony hasn’t flexed its muscle and partnered with linux community and built a system juggernaut. This is beinning to make me want to trade in my fallout: new vegas ps3 AND my 360 for a second ps3 (for downstairs). Secondly I understand theres many 360 fanboys here, which I say you should try a ps3 before talking trash. You want a history lesson? microsoft buys out competition and ps1 ps2 and ps3 NEVER had the red ring of death. a ps3 is soo easy to modify its a joke and fan boys wanna talk trash? try god of war series specially gow3. .

  44. ya know i know this isnt really a ps3/xbox debate (it turned into one but yeah) i am quite fond of the fact that the ps3 uses a simple 2.5″ internal laptop hard drive… the 360 is hate raping your face by making you use a “microsoft” hdd another way for them to take your money and laugh as your 360 gets the RROD,E74 error or whatever other bs they can put out to make your system shit out and you have to get a new one… and Fallout was orignially a microsoft game (the first one was a PC exclusive) and they got smart and made 3 a multi plat. game and microsoft was scared/pissed that the ps3 sales were what they were because the 360’s will mod there system and make a copy of the game… ps3 owners are the true gamers who buy everygame or download the ps1 classics on psn… GO METAL GEAR SOLID!!!!!!!!!! (noticed that one wasnt mentioned in any of the lists of better games above)

  45. So who wants some pitchforks and torches? I’m going to Microsoft HQ.

  46. The funny thing is, NONE of you take into account that half the people on this website are biased. I mean nearly every1 that i know that switched thier consoles say that the ps3 is in fact better, i too think it is wen i switched, so untill you xbox gamer nerds crawl out of your hole and buy one, you really dont have a valid arguement

  47. if what i think happened, happened, then i would have to say im proud of sony.

    bethesda goes to sony hq…

    Bethesda: what are you willing to pay for exclusive dlc?
    Sony: fat chance. dont let the door hitchu in the ass on the way out.

    bethesda goes to M$…

    Bethesda: sony says they pay $XX.XX for exclusive dlc.
    M$: we’ll double it!

    if i were sony i’d say the same thing. now i realise this may not be the way it went down but i would like to think so. ; )

  48. lol i just love how all this is going from one subject to another and is now completely ignoring the topic that has been presented 🙂 in my opinion… why have a multiplatformer game then sell dlc exclusively to one company and have ms lose a lot more money than what they would be if it was distributed to ps3 and pc. thats two against one. (pc and ps3 > just 360) 2 is better than one like always. if ms was as money hungry as everyone says they are then ms should have been smart enough to realise that distributing dlc to three different types of gaming hardware would have been the best choice to begin with due to people buying dlc for the ps3, 360 AND the pc…and please… whatever you do….dont try arguing with me about how the 360 has all these exclusive games and all kinds of other bullshit that has nothing to do with the topic at hand… just shows your ignorance and your arguments are invalid to the current topic…arguing about completely different things than what the topic stands for is useless and will get people nowhere. hell i dont even think my post will get anywhere but hey, worth a shot…since everybody else feels the need to show there opinions.

  49. man i used to hate the PS3 but ever since my xbox360 live account had problems for over a month and i could not speek to an american person!!!! the people who run custamer serv should get there head out there butt and actuly know what there talking about. so i got a ps3 for xmas and also descoverd Fallout: New Vegas. the best game i ever played, and when I found out dead money dlc was an xbox360 only I put a hole in the wall this sucks!!! hate xbox for this

  50. i think the ps3 is the best 2 just the othere week my xbox360 blew up from a power surge and it wasent running it was just plugged in and i was playing my ps3 and my ps3 dident turn off from it but my tv did for 2 secs thats a problem xbox should fix but they wont

  51. I agree with alot of you
    Its fusterating that the makers of the game decided to make more money from going to ms and saying
    “hey if you give us a few million, we’ll let you have an exclusive to the dlc’s of fallout new vegas”
    What about us ps3 players? We have to wait months to get a dlc thats already here just because the creators are selfish bastards?
    In my opinion i think they shouldnt pick who has more people in where. Picking favorites just because some company has more people isnt fair at all. It also shows that ms doesnt care about anything else except 360 hell they cant even give a pc exclusive hah! But good job bethesda on picking who can fork out more money :/

  52. Robert Hettinger says

    i had a 360 and now own a ps3 360 may have the content but i got the bug free side of it on release my sister bf got the 360 day one and has had to replace 14 to this day due to e74 and e72 i had my 360 for 2 years and got rid of it due to hdd failure and bout my ps3 and have had it for 3 years now and aint had a single problem with other than ms being the block they are and getting dlc before ps3 the main offs are cod series and fallout but thats just me

    • i have had my X-box for 3 years and i bought it preowned had red ring once but being amazing a fixing consoles i fixed it(i yelled at it kicked it twice T-baged it for ten minutes straight, lost at ping pong agenst it, pulled out the cords pluged it back in and bam it worked)

  53. SaintLiam3000 says

    I do not understand why they don’t just release DLCs for all platforms as both companies would still earn the same sales with XBOX 360 fans getting it for that and people like me who own a PS3 who will get it on that.
    I just can’t wait until Fallout: New Vegas DLC will be released for PS3 was a bit dissappointed that it was only released for XBOX 360.

  54. ok bill gates sold microsofts shares so he’s not really backing anything anymore other then public relations (which is good on him) honestly tho xbox sucks true its got some good looking games but most of the good ones they cant seem to keep exclusive to their console lol we get almost every big hitting xbox game a couple months later on PS3(if not at the same time) they break down and crash more then a PC does they can be moded like no tomorrow (poor security features) paying for online is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard (true some PS3 titles have online fees but Xbox its like all of them lol) not to mention all the extra crap you have to pay for (that should already come with the system anyways) the dlcs should be shared and not bought out for a certain system the fact that fallout new Vegas’ dlc is exclusive is sickening to me lol sony and microsoft should just make a system together and shut the f–k up lol i hope we dont have to wait long for the fallout dlc…but we will

  55. Microsoft has bethesda in its pocket we see this time and again, early DLC is a last desperate attempt to shovel worthless shit aka 360 down the throats of the owners of said system. (PS1 classics rock)

  56. i have an x-box and a wii my friend has all three platforms no system is better then the other they are just suited for differnt kinds of people X-box tries to have a sort of exclusiveness buy paying companies to release stuff early but the players pay for x box live. the PS3 tries to focus on the teen and up market will biding for a share of the family market. Wii focuses on family style games and “getting people active” suming this up it’s not the console that is better it is the persons feelings towards that company or game criterias. also i have the fallout new vegas collectors edition for X-box it’s fun but the expansion can really piss me off. it does not add as meny benifits as Broken Steel or Mothership Zeta so its not like we are getting better stuff no real high powered weapons like the telsa cannon or the alien disintigrator (spelt that wrong) the most i did was run around with the beartrap fist yelling “I is a Dinosaur RAWR” making my cousin laugh. the only good weapon in the whole expansion is the automatic rifle and you have to find the upgrade for it to be useful. so if you are going to wine about a bunch of crappy weapons, overly heavy gold bars and 5 levels then go cry in a pillow. you play the expansion once or twice and you will completly forget about it or you will throw your PS3/Computer/X-box at the wall. there is going to be 8 expansions. I know of Dead Money,Honest Hearts,Lonesome Road and Old World Blues if I personaly want the expansions to come out for everyone ate the same time but microsoft payed a good chunk of change for it to come out early on the x-box some people will buy more x-boxes it is all a marketing scheme and if the rest of the expansions come out with your person wearing a slave coller like in dead money i will go back to playing fallout 3 or oblivion. so another recap Rawr i am a dinosaur blah blah blah S*** happens blah blah blah cry in a pillow blah blah blah slave coller blah blah

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