Halo out of reach with disc read error

There is nothing quite as bad as finally receiving your very own copy a game that you’ve been waiting for ages to get your hands on, only then to find it doesn’t even work.

With over $200 million worth of copies of the last instalment of the Halo series, this has certainly made its mark in gaming history. But this, unfortunately, has been marred by many users being unable to play their copy of Halo: Reach due to a disc read error. Forums dotted all over gaming websites (including Bungie as well) have been growing and growing with rather disgruntled gamers. Yet still, its been unclear as to the cause for this, though here at Gadget Venue, we think its more likely that a dodgy batch of games got out, seeing as such a huge number needed to have been produced in order to try and keep up with customer demand.

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5 Exclusive Kinect Games By Japanese Developers

As with all new consoles or peripherals, they tend to triumph or fall by the wayside depending on the games that are available for them. It was the same with the original Xbox on release day and it was true for the Playstation 3 as well. This is all the more true for Microsoft’s Kinect. Unfortunately, at E3 earlier this year, our confidence wasn’t garnered with plenty of new games to satisfy our hunger for new games that would make Kinect that must have peripheral. But more recently it was announced at TGS that 5 new and exclusive Kinect titles will be released which actually show plenty of promise.

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