Samsungs Ultraslim 17 inch Display

Aving reported on the Samsung 17″ ultra slim AMOLED display.This display is an active matrix / organic light emitting diode hybrid (AMOLED) and give bright vivid colours and very thin formfactor. The reason for this is that no back light is needed. This 17″ display is capable of 1600 x 1200 resolution and has an amazing response time of less then 0.01ms. It has 1000:1 contrast ration also. It isnt going to the market yet as it’s a concept device, but I will be getting my self one when it does 🙂

Samsung AMOLED Displays

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Siemens Road Sign Reader

This new technology from Siemens looks interesting. It is designed for your car and has a camera built in which reads road signs, processes the image, displays the speed on your screen and tells you if you are over or under the spead limit for that particular road. It makes me wonder if it can detect the good old national speed limit signs here in the UK which can mean either 60 or 70 depending on what type of road you are on 🙂

Siemens Road Sign Reader

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Palm Sized Projector

Toshiba have introduced a palm sized LCD projector. The TDP-FF1AU weighs just 1.7lbs with a rechargeable battery attached. What stands out to me is that this thing fits on your palm, can run for 2 hours by battery. It has a rating of 400 lumens which is not huge, but this projectors size gives it a nice advantage. It also has an SVGA resolution of 800×600.

Toshiba TDP-FF1AU

The palm sized projector will retail for $699

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BenQ X720 – 7 MegaPixel Camera

BenQ have launched the smallest 7 mega pixel digital camera. It is named the X720 and has 3 x optical zoom, a Pentax lens and a body thats just 12.5mm thin. The screen is a 2.5″ LCD, it has a nice stainless-steel body and looks to be a great camera all around.

BenQ X720
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Nokia N75 Introduced

Nokia today announced the new Nokia N75 at Nokia Open Studio 2006, NEW YORK. The N75 phone is the smallest multimedia computer offering digital music playback, high quality photos and rich internet communication. The N75 is a clamshell device which is thin and elegant in looks. Also the phone boasts Nokia’s easy to use interface.

Nokia N75

Nokia N75 Features

When the device is closed you will see a reflective 1.36″ colour display which shows you the music you are playing which is just a button push away. Various music formats such as MP3, M4A, AAC, eAAC+ and WMA are supported and the N75 also has a graphic equalizer. Standard features sych as shuffle and repeat are also included. On a 2Gb card around 1500 songs can be stored. The N75 has stereo speakers built in which also have a 3D option to make the sound come out around you.

Built in is a 2 Megapixel camera (1600 x 1200). The main screen is a 2.4″ LCD with 16M colours. Stacks of other features such as MPEG video recording are packed in to this phone.

Enhanced web browsing has also been included with some software which allows the browser to use RSS feeds and also allows web pages to be loaded as they should look by shrinking them down.

On the connectivity side we can see that there is EDGE, 3G (WCDMA 850/1900MHz), GSM (850/900/1800/1900MHz) which all ads up to some seriously nice connectivity accross the board.

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Helium Digital HD-880 Bluetooth Headset with LCD

I have never heard of Helium Digital, but they have made a nice headset featuring an LCD display on the side. The number just displays simple information such as the number of the person calling and also gives the connection status which is useful in it’s self with connections occasionally dropping.


The headset will cost $80 and goes on sale next month.

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XBox 360 Laptop

For about 2 years I have been visiting because of his custom made portable gaming system’s he makes. He has custom made many from an Atari 2600 to now an XBox 360. Check out the new laptop below 🙂

The laptop xbox 360 packs a number of things inside it’s relativly small casing such as a HD LCD screen, water cooled custom built radiator. The water cooled radiator allows a smaller form as the heat sinks in the xbox 360 are HUGE.

XBox 360 Laptop

He has added a built in keyboard, wifi and it has a USB connector with 3 ports. The case is made of aluminium. It also has various connectors on the back to connect a variety of other screens if the inbuilt HD wide screen is not big enough for you.

XBox 360 Laptop

XBox 360 Laptop

As always, there are a full set of step by step instructions included in the article.. click here… Enjoy!

Levitating Clock and Shuttle

Things that levitate are cool 🙂 The levitating clock is no exception to this. It floats with the help of a magnetic field and tells the time also. With the help of a rotating mechanism it will also slowly rotate in the magnetic field also which provides even more entertainment.

To get it working you plug it in, hold the clock in the “sweet spot” and let go. If you get it right it will stay there and float around.
Levitating Shuttle

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Super Mario Nintendo Alarm Clock

For just $24.99 you could wake up to the old 80’s style Mario game tunes with this Super Mario alarm clock. It is shaped in the form of an old NES 8-bit controller and even features a bonus game on the small LCD clock front.

Nintendo Clock

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Daylight Projection Clock

Projection clocks are kind of ok but you really have to squint to be able to see the time. However, the Oregon Scientific Projection Clock is different. This clock’s projector is light sensative and can adjust accordingly to the various light levels that change through out the day. The clock looks quite cool and I wouldnt mind having this in the house. What ads more to it’s coolness is the ability to wave your hand at the sensor to change display settings and even turn off the alarm. That last part is not good for me though… I need the alarm to keep going 🙂

Daylight Projection Clock

The face of the clock is a black smooth surface which shows the time and temperature and ads to the sleekness of the clock.

* Daylight LED projection displays time and temperature on any surface in any lighting condition
* Displays the indoor temperature
* LCD display with animation of time and temperature
* Features an alarm clock with eight-minute snooze function
* Touchless snooze function”motion over clock activates alarm snooze function
* Projection automatically adjusts intensity depending on room brightness
* 180Ëš projection rotation
* Projection focus
* Displays digital, day, and month for easy reference
* Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature display
* 12/24-hour clock format
* Adaptor included for continuous projection

It costs $89.95 and is available from Oregon Scientific.

MP3 YoYo

The REGEN is a battery less MP3 player. You are now asking… how does it get it’s power? Of course you use it as a yo-yo to give it the power you need to listen to MP3’s. It can store up to 200 songs on it’s harddrive and has a touch screen LCD which you can select your music to play.

Expect to have to yo-yo around 10 – 12 throws to get enough power to use the device. The headphones are bluetooth so there is no worries about your yo-yo pulling them out of your ears.

MP3 YoYo

Samsung SGH-X820

The Samsung SGH-X820 is an ultraslim phone which measures at just 6.9mm thick. Thats very slim! It has a 2″ LCD display, 2 Megapixel camera, bluetooth, music, tv out and more. The display is very impressive and the functions make it nice to use. One weird problem is that it wont ring and vibrate at the same time.


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