Helium Digital HD-880 Bluetooth Headset with LCD

I have never heard of Helium Digital, but they have made a nice headset featuring an LCD display on the side. The number just displays simple information such as the number of the person calling and also gives the connection status which is useful in it’s self with connections occasionally dropping.


The headset will cost $80 and goes on sale next month.

Via: Gizmodo and CrunchGear


  1. The absolute Cr@p!est BT headset I have ever encountered. Caller display is nice, but a bluetooth headset is supposed to be for talking not looking at. on a scale of ` to 10 the people you are talking to will sound at best a 2 as for how you sound to them -10 thats right -10 (I know the scale was from 1 to 10 but I cannot emphasize how bad this headset sound enough). You will sound so muffled to them you might as well be talking through a scarf. I could believe what they were telling me until I called my work phone and left a message, I couldnt understand half of what I said. Buy a better model with out the call display for the same price you and the people you call will be happier for it

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