LG VX8300

The LG VX8300 has been launched by Verizon in the US. The phone is V CAST capable so you can watch videos of the latest news etc… downloadable form providers.

The phone has external stereo speakers, Bluetooth, and has a 1.3Mb camera. Pretty standard stuff again. Tech specs are below.


*V CAST-capable
*Get It Now-capable – download games, ring tones, wallpapers and more
*Mobile Web 2.0-capable
*microSD Memory Card Slot
*1.3 megapixel camera and camcorder with flash
*Bluetooth (v1.1): hands-free, Serial Port (SPP), Dial Up Networking (DUN), and/or Object Push (OPP) profile for vCard exchange
*TXT, PIX and FLIX Messaging capability – send and receive messages with text, sounds, photos and videos
*My Account – access balance, minutes, usage, and payment info
*Instant Messaging capability
*External keys for easy access to V CAST Music
*Dual speakers for stereo sound
*Full-duplex speakerphone
*Enhanced speaker-independent voice recognition
*Voice commands: call, send message, go to, check, lookup, My Account
*Voice memo recording
*72-chord polyphonic ring tone support
*15 Unique ring tones, plus vibrate and silent modes
*TTY/TDD support
*Hearing aid compatible (M3-Rating)
*Personal organizer with calendar with scheduler, alarm clock, notepad, plus world clock, calculator, Ez tip calculator tools
*500 contacts address book with five numbers, two e-mail addresses and a picture ID for each entry
*Speed dial (98 entries plus a voice mail default)
*Frequency: 1.9 GHz CDMA PCS, 800 MHz CDMA (digital dual-band)
*Dimensions: 3.58" (H) x 1.93" (W) x 0.92" (D)
*Weight: 3.88 oz.
*Internal LCD display: 262K Color TFT, 176 x 220 Pixels, 10 Lines
*External LCD display: 65K Color OLED, 96 x 96 Pixels, 6 Lines
*Standard battery: 1,100 mAh Li-Ion
*Usage time: up to 230 Minutes or
*Standby Time: up to 380 hours

Via: SlashPhone

Sharp 905SH DMB Phone for Japan

Sharp have displayed the 905SH DMB phone for Japan. This is a 3G phone also integrates One Seg terrestrial TV broadcasts.

As seen in the picture the screen has the ability to rotate 90 degrees which allows you to view TV in widescreen format. The screen is a nice 2.6″ ASV LCD which is good for a wide viewing angle I guess to the family can sit around ;)… more then likely it will be better then the average LCD’s found in phones which tend to go dodgy when viewing from a slight angle.

More tech specs can be found at Slashphone

Sharp 905SH DMB

Lexar Jump Drive

The Jump drive is a USB memory drive with a twist. It features an LCD b/w display showing the current memory usage on the stick. The display uses e ink to keep it active while the drive is not plugged in to the machine and also updated indipendantly from the system it is plugged in to. This means that no software is required on the computer to update the meter.

It’s a very handy little extra to be added on.


The Lexar Jump Drive also includes Jump Drive Secure II which is their software used to create a secure encrypted area on the drive just incase the thing gets lost.

More details at EverythingUSB

Sunbrite LCD HDTV – All Weather Waterproof

The Sunbrite LCD HDTV is the new waterproof monitor which can be used outside. The display is sealed against moisture and dust, insects and anything else that could potentially damage it. The screen comes in 2 versions, a 20″ and 32″ and can operate in high temperatures thanks to 2 fans which keep the unit cool inside.

Waterproof LCD.bmp

Product: Sunbrite

Press Release

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Digital Photo Frames

With screens getting thinner and higher quality we are now seeing more and more digital photo frames appearing. These photo frames are LCD screens which allow you to upload pictures to and display many photos with different transition effects.

The photo frames are available from iwoot.com

digphovar-alt3.gif digphovar-alt5.jpg

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Matrox Box – 3 Screens

Using 2 or more monitors on your PC can increase productivity. Have you ever wanted to copy data from a spreadsheet in to a word document and you get fed up of minimizing one window to see the other. Having 2+ screens can help. I use 2 screens at home and run email on 1 screen and terminal services etc… and browse the internet on the other screen. This offers a great improvement to my productivity allowing me to work on a system while following notes on another screen.

Matrox have introduced a $300 TripleHead2Go device which increases the “real estate” in front of you. You set the resolution on your laptop or PC to higher and then plug your output in to the box and the box in to 3 19″ Flat Panel Displays (no doubt for $300 you only get the TripleHead2Go box). This gives you a combined resolution of 3840×768 which is far better for spreading your windows about on your computer. Also note that it all acts just like one big desktop and if you want a window over on the right you just drag it to the right like you would on a single screen setup.

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Spinning LED Displays

HackedGadgets.com has made a list of the top 5 Spinning LED Displays. You may have seen these displays dotted around airports and other busy shopping malls. People have decided to make them on their own! Kind of cool but I have no idea how to make them my self.

VirtualGameSystem.jpg _spin_1.jpg _rus4.jpg

Meizu iPod-Like Video Player

Meizu are releasing an iPod like video player (named Mini Player) which from the screen shots looks like it has potential to be a good contender. The Meizu has video, photo and music capabilities which is pretty much standard for a device like this. What makes it stand out is the nice large screen and the sleek looks which it sports.

Display: 2.4-inch 260K color QVGA (320×240) TFT LCD, 100 brightness levels
Memory: 1GB, 2GB and 4GB versions available
Audio support: MP3, WMA, OGG and WAV
Video support: XviD
USB 2.0 interface
Other hardware features: Integrated FM tuner, voice recording capabilities
Other software features: E-Book support, clock, calculator, games
Weight: 55g

The mini player has a claimed 20 hours of audio playback and 6 hours of video playback and looks very similar to the iPod with the chrome back and buttons sunk in to the case.


iFire 2CM Thick HD LCD TV

Electronics company iFire based in Toronto have introduced a super thin (just 2cm) High Def LCD TV. (Image below). The TV is 37″ and weight a light 2.2 pounds which is very impressive!


iFire use a new technology called “thick-film dialectric electroluminescent” (TDEL) and uses fewer materials, thinner glass and fewer electronics then the Plasma screens. The screen uses energy from a Blue light source (a sheet of phosphor) which energise Red and Green pigments and the combination mixing with the Blue displays the picture.

The unit only costs $300 to make at the moment which gives competition to the other types of screens available. Mass production is planned for 2007.

100 inch LCD HDTV Display

Well… look at the size of this huge HDTV. This is the 100 inch display from LG.Philips and looks to be massive! I am sure it has a massive price tag stuck to it also. Currently this is the largest LCD screen at the moment.

Details can be fonud at The Korea Times