Optimus 103 – Is it Real

Optimus 103
The Optimus 103 was set to be a wonderful keyboard with each key featuring a nice OLED display which was fully customisable via some software on the PC. Unfortunatly it seems like the Optimus was a little bit of a let down on the recent announcement. It appears now that it will not feature a nice set of colour OLED keys… but rather grey scale, and maybe worse… black and white.

The colour 113 version will still happen no doubt, but it seems it’s a little longer then we expected to hear.

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Sony Camera Recall

Eight models of Sony digital cameras are being recalled due to a defect in the LCD screens on some of the cameras. The problem is to do with an image sensor which has a glitch and causes pictures to not be displayed correctly. Currently there is no indication of how many cameras have this defect. Good news is that if your camera in the range listed below has this problem then you can send it in for repair and they will do this for free.

The recall is for the following cameras… DSC-F88, DSC-M1, DSC-T1, DSC-T11, DSC-T3, DSC-T33, DSC-U40 and DSC-U50.

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Samsung SPH-B5800

Samsung SPH B5800
The Samsung SPH-B5800 is a multimedia slider phone. It’s camera is a pretty much standard 2 megapixel, it has an LCD display and also a built in DMB TV tuner. The memory can be increased by a microSD card. Jogwheel navigation is included as well as bluetooth. Although the below video does not show an SPH-B5800, it shows what DMB TV is like on a mobile phone.

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UK Ban on FM Transmitters Lifted in the UK

If you have used an FM transmitter on your iPod in the past with in the UK then you have been breaking the law. They were illegal to use due to the signals interfering with broadcasts by legal radio stations. You could easily get your hands on one of these transmitters in an arrangement where you can buy legally but it’s illegal to use. I have one my self which I got a few years back and obviously is still in it’s packaging awaiting to be used on the 8th December 2006 when it will be legal to use. The new ruling put in to place by Ofcom who regulate the licences are permitting those that can use “spare frequencies” to be made legal. With this they are also removing the need to have a licence when using a Citizens’ Band radio.

The original law that made it illegal was drafted in 1949 and is called the Wireless Telegraphy Act of 1949 and forbids you to broadcast with out a licence. Ofcom saw that consumers wanted this in place and the laws were revised.

However, the new arrangement named “Wireless Telegraphy (Exemption) (Amendment) Regulations 2006” do not allow all of these FM transmitters to be legal. Many still do not meet certain technical specifications.

To check if the transmitter is legal you just need to look for the CE logo which means it is approved for use in the UK.

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Dot Matrix Watch

Dot Matrix Watch
If you are out looking for a cool watch then the Dot Matrix watch might just be for you! The dot matrix watch is a sleek black watch with black coloured LED’s which light up red at the touch of a button. It doesnt do much in the way of tech stuff, but it is not designed to do all the fancy things. It’s just designed to look good on your wrist and tell the time and do some funky mexican wave type things with the LED’s.

Buy it now from IWOOT.

* Genuine black leather wristband watch studded with red LEDs.
* The watch displays the time and date.
* Press the button on the side once to trigger a scrolling light effect before displaying the time in classic Dot Matrix style.
* The time can be shown in 24 hour or 12 hour format.
* A built-in power saving mode to extend your watch’s battery. It kicks in after 3 seconds of displaying the time or date.
* A sturdy white presentation box.
* Suitable for ages 8 years+.
* Requires a CR2032 watch battery (included).
* Size: 26 x 3 x 0.5cm.

Full Details at IWOOT.

Digital Binocular Camera 5M Pixels

Digital Binocular Camera
The Pro Viewer BinoCam is a set of binoculars that allow you to take pictures of things far away. It has 3 functions. It can be used as a regular set of binoculars, it can take close up photos and it can take close up videos. The camera built in has a 5 megapixel sensor. Magnification is at the 8X factor and resolution goes all the way up to 1600×1200. The built in TFT screen is 1.5 inch.

To store pictures you need to have an SD card which is not included. If you do not then you cannot save pictures you take. Unfortunatly it uses USB 1.1 and not version 2.0. Thats a bad move in my opinion although if you have a card reader then it’s not too bad. Coolest-Gadgets points out some problems with the product information and it’s well worth a read at the link below.

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Linksys CIT310

Linksys CIT310
The Linksys CIT310 is a VoIP phone which doubles up as a landline type phone also. Many phones that hit the market are commonly associated with Skype. The Linksys is different as it works with Yahoo’s messenger VoIP service. The built in software runs Microsoft Messenger and you can select a contact from on the phone which works over wi-fi.

Other features that the phone has is a colour LCD screen which displays contacts as well as weather reports and other services. The Linksys is a nice step forward for those who use Yahoo Messenger to talk. The cost of the handset is 79.99 dollars.

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Concrete Display

Concrete Display
A couple of engineers have managed to create a concrete screen which has fibre optics embedded in to it. These fibre optics act as pixels displaying the tiny dots of light which come together to make the picture you can see on the wall. A light source is needed which can be an LCD projector for example. With this in the equation it could be used to display video as anything thrown to the back will be displayed on the front. Check out the video and be amazed 🙂

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Zune is Almost Here

Brown Zune
The Zune is almost here. Microsoft are releasing it on the 14th November in the US. The latest version is brown in colour and by looking at the picture it is kind of growing as GearDiary mentioned. The Zune crams in 30Gb, Zune to Zune music sharing via Wifi, a bright 3″ LCD screen.

Zune Stats
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Nikon D40 Budget DSLR

Nikon D40 DSLR
Gizmodo posted a few images of the Nikon D40 Digital SLR camera. It falls in to the catagory of a budget DSLR but we are not sure what price range that puts it in. The Nikon D40 has a 6.1 megapixel sensor and a 2.5″ LCD screen. Not much information was given, but hopefully over the next few days we will have more information for you.

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Robosapien RS Media

Robosapien RS Media
The Robosapien RS media has landed. It has had a nice new refit too and now is more butch looking then ever before. The new Robosapien is a great new robot with built in media capabilities. What ads to this new robosapien is also it’s personality editing software and can now be directly or automatically interacted with. It is aware of the owner and environment. This robosapien boasts a colour screen right in it’s chest. He has speakers in his armour and a camera built in to his head.

Using software provided you can download or transfer the data direct from your PC to the robosapien via USB or an SD Memory card. You can look at photos, watch movies, play games or blast out music. To add to this, you can program the robosapien to dance for you. Fancy that hey! You can do this by using the PC software to control the robosapien in 3D on screen and then download it to him. Voice files can be syncronised also. This sounds like the ultimate toy for both children and adults this coming Christmas.

Robosapien Robosapien RS

Robosapien interacts with the environment around. He has sight, sound and touch sensors as well as speech response. He can recognise colours and tones on your skin. He can track moving objects with IR vision. Definatly a cool toy to pick up.

Available from IWOOT. Click here to Buy Now.

* The evolved version of the superb Robosapien V2.
* Personality editing software.
* 3D Animation Creator PC programme.
* Humanoid body movements including bipedal walking and gripping fingers.
* Autonomous and direct interaction with its owner and other robot companions.
* A full colour LCD display on his chest.
* The LCD screen displays his operating status as well as movies, photos and MP3 information.
* Speakers in his armour and a woofer on his back.
* A head-mounted camera.
* Infrared vision enabling him to track moving objects, and avoid obstacles.
* Colour vision so he can even recognise colours and skin tones.
* Sight, sound and touch sensors.
* Speech response.
* Sleep and auto shut-off function.
* A line-in/USB compartment.
* An SD compartment.
* By visiting http://www.rsmediaonline.com/ and you can download additional personality files and create your own voice, action and sound files via USB and Memory Card.
* Suitable for ages 8 years+.
* Requires 6 x D Cell and 4 x AA Batteries for the robot and 3 x AA Batteries for the remote.
* Size: 54 x 34 x 25cm.

Nokia 330 GPS Navigator

Nokia have jumped in to the navigation scene with their 330 GPS navigator model. The 330 GPS runs the Route 66 navigation 7 application with European NAVTEQ map data. The screen is an LCD running at 3.5 inches. It is also touch screen. No word yet on the finer details such as Bluetooth and hands free connectivity to your mobile. It is also rumoured that it will play the DivX format amongst others. It should hit Europe before Christmas.

Nokia 330 GPS Navigator

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