Tokyo Flash Zero-G Watch

Tokyo Flash Watch
The Zero-G is the next cool watch to hit Tokyo Flash. The watch is super slim, unique and as can be expected, it tells the time in a weird way. The watch comes in either black or silver and has a mirrored LCD display. Unlike some other watches from Tokyo Flash, this one is always on and requires no button press to display the time.

The watch is a svelte 1.5mm thick and the watch weighs just 60 grams. It is available from TokyoFlash for 9800 yen.

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LED Based Notebook from Fujitsu

LED Fujitsu Notebook
The P7230 is a new LED based notebook launched by Fujitsu. It falls in to the catagory of ultra portable and comes in 2 colours which are black or white. It weighs just 2.9 pounds and had a small 10.6″ LCD display which is in a widescreen format. For the traveller this looks to be an excellent choice with it’s light weight and small size. The unit is powered by an Intel Core Solo U1400 processor allowing longer battery life which is much needed amongst travellers. A memory card slot replaces the floppy drive, and the harddrive is also shock protected to help keep your data more safe. The price is quite high, but this is what can be expected from the ultra portable range of laptops. Prices start at $1699 and go up higher depending on what options you choose. The Fujitsu is well worth looking out for if you are about to look for a new ultra portable laptop.

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XBox 360 Mods

XBox 360 Mods
If you want a 5.8 inch widescreen LCD putting in the side of your X Box 360 then look no further. This mod which doesnt seem to have a point was created by a mod happy firm and they are offering this mod to anyone who can find a use for it. The screen acts like your TV and displays on the side of your XBox what you would see on the TV. The only real use I can think of is wanting to run media on the device such as music. You can leave your XBox running and not have to worry about switching the TV on. Apart from that I have yet to find a real practical use for this feature. Check out the video after the jump.
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Oppo 2GB V5 widescreen PMP

Oppo V5 PMP
This credit sized PMP caught my attention today. It has a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio and the screen is a 3 inch touchscreen LCD. My first thoughs were that this is a digital photoframe, but I was wrong. It is actually a PMP which has 2Gb of internal memory. Unfortunatly there is no pricing yet but as soon as we find out we will post the details.

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Samsung VLUU i70

Samsungs 7_2-megapixel VLUU i70
The Samsing VLUU i70 is a 7.2 megapixel camera but not only does it take pictures, it also is equiped with HSDPA and is a camera phone although the main emphasis is on the camera side. The camera has 3x optical zoom and a huge 3 inch LCD screen is on the back to view those nice pictures it will take. Features such as advanced shake reduction (ASR) is in there, as well as face recognition. Not only does it take pictures, it also plays MP3 and MPEG4. With built in HSDPA it allows pictures to be sent anywhere right from the camera.
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Airis N0041 and N0042 PMPs

Airis PMP
Both of the above PMPs come with a 1.5 inch 128 x 128 LCD and are capable of playing MP3, WMA, SMV, JPEG and BMP. Included also is an FM tuner and usb 2.0 connectivity allowing you to transfer your music files as quick as possible. The battery poweres the device for around 10 hours and this is also removable. Nothing is really too exciting about this PMP but it does look great. Two models are available which are the 1GB N0041 and the 2GB N0042. The cost of these devices starts around 90 dollars for the smaller of the 2 players.

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Takara Tomy Omnibot – i-SOBOT

It has been a while since we wrote about a robot and so I thought I best do that just today 🙂 The Omnibot stands 6.6 inches tall and comes kitted out with a remote control with built in LCD display. The remote control is used to program the robot, and allow for voice control to tell it what to do. As well as following your commands it can play music, dance and respond to various noises such as clapping and other actions. An even newer version is also due out which has a built in camera and coupled with wifi, the pictures of it’s location can be sent to a nearby PC. All sounds cool and good fun and will be available soon in Japan.

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Wii Laptop

Wii Laptop
For those familier with Ben Heckendorn you will know of the cool and crazy hacking he does to consoles that are both of current and past status. There has been an XBox 360 laptop all the way down to an Atari 2600 handheld console. The list of these consoles is huge. To add to this list there is now a Wii Laptop which has just been created. It took the last month or so and features a 7 inch widescreen LCD, Stereo Sound, Gamecube controller port, a short range built in sensor bar and it’s all crammed in to a nice sized case. To add to this, Ben is also going to be making step by step instructions on making your home Wii laptop which will have detailed diagrams.

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Neo N7 GPS Navigation Device

N7 Neo GPS
The Neo N7 caught my attention today due to it’s large screen and interesting navigation software. The screen is 7 inches although it is only capable of 16k colours which is unfortunate as it would double as a nice movie player and picture viewer had it been capable of much more. Movies can still be played and the device has an SD card slot so that you can play movies off your memory card. Dual core processing is an option but pricing of this option is not currently available. Full specs are after the jump.
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Piggy Bank – Bank of Life

Bank of Life
Piggy banks come in all shapes and sizes and 99% probably do not fall in to the catagory of being a pig. The bank of life follows along this vein but is cool none the less. This piggy bank has an LCD screen which houses a guy who lives in a house. When money is put in to the bank of life the guys house is upgraded. However, on the flip side we see that when money is taken out then the guy unfortunatly has no savings and ends up sleeping in a shoe box. This is a great idea for children learning to save, or me at almost 30 years of age who still does not save.

The bank of life is available in Japan for around 40 dollars.

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Tamagotchi Connexions

For those who love the little AI creatures, then Tamagotchi version 4 is now available. It has 20 games, new secret codes, new items and a messaging system. Also it boasts more online integration. If you want a virtual pet for christmas then pick one up now.


If you are not sure what a tamagotchi is then I do not know where you must have been hiding for the last 10 years. A Tamagotchi is a small electronic toy that has a pet which you look after. You need to play with it and basically look after it so it doesnt die. If you have a habbit of forgetting to feed a rabbit then this might be for you.

If features a large LCD screen, infrared connections and of course.. a virtual pet is included, or as many as you need if you kill it by accident.

Buy now from Here for 12.95 pounds.

The TV You can Squeeze

Giraffe LCD
The Hannspree LCD TV is a 9.6″ flat screen. As you can see above, it’s a tad different to your average TV in the way of it being a giraffe. This giraffe TV has built in speakers, a remote control, RF inputs, 4-in-1 input cable (SCA) and a headphone jack. The Squeezable TV is great for children to play with and also makes this particular TV very unique from regular LCD’s you see.

Not only can you get a Giraffe screen, but an Elephant, Basket Ball, Apple, Football and Golf ball type screen’s are also available each with a unique design. Check out more pictures after the jump.
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