Sony Mylo

The Sony Mylo has been reviewed over at Gizmodo. It has built in wi-fi with Google Talk/Yahoo Messenger and a nice sized QWERTY keypad. What makes this really stand out is that you can use it as a Skype phone also via wi-fi. The device also features 1Gb memory, a 2.4″ LCD screen and a duo slot.


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The Vega UMPC costs around $700 and has an AMD processor (The Geode LX800), 256Mb RAM and a 4.3″ touch screen which is LCD. It has a nice sized hard drive which is 30GB with all the good stuff such as wi-fi, USB and GPS support. It is powered by Windows XP.


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OhGizmo are reporting about Handhelden which is a site full of the old school LCD type games which Tomy, Nintendo etc… used to make. If you grew up in the 80’s then check out this site as there are a lot of memories to be found here!


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Apacer AU822

Apacer have launched a no-frills PMP. It comes in 3 capacities which are 256Mb, 512Mb and 1Gb and has a 1.5″ LCD display. Also included is an FM tuner, voice recorder and it has AMV video support.


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The ASUS V80 falls in to a catagory of a thin phone, but it’s not as thin as the Motorola though. It is 16mm thin. It has a 2 megapixel camera and can shoot MPEG-4 videos. It has 3 colour options available which are black, white or gold.

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Canon Digital IXUS 60 6mp Digital Camera

The Canon Digital IXUS 60 is a digital camera with a 6 megapixel CCD making this very desirable. It has a nice all-metal body which contains the precision optics for taking amazing shots with. With it having a large 6 megapixel CCD it can take a whole variety of shots from portrait all the way to scenery and catch them at a high resolution so that you can get photo quality prints at all sizes.

It boasts a 3x optical zoom lens and also uses Canon’s DIGIC II processor which makes it fast and responsive with amazing image processing capabilities. The processor also analyses each scene you are shooting and configures the camera to give the best overall shot before the shot is taken (in other words, it’s fast!). This ability is thanks to iSAPS which performs the magic.

Available now from

IXUS 60.jpg

It has a large 2.5″ LCD colour screen with a wide viewing angle so that it makes it easier showing the shots to your friends. Also included is a light sensor which can adjust the screen brightness in outdoor conditions. Also the night display mode improves visibility when taking shots at night.

The IXUS range cameras are an excellent range in the Canon series and can be highly recomended!

FlexGrid – Bendable LCD Display

This is a cool LCD bendable display as the picture and video show below. The concept was created in 2004 and the video shows a working version of what it will be like. One idea is that it can give clothing a personality of it’s own by talking to it in different ways. The LCD display would show the clothings personality.


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The i-Deck

This is another cool idea which integrates with your iPod. You connect your iPod to the old record player look a like and then the turntable part is actually a round LCD touch screen which displays the album art. Very fancy!


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Fujifilm FinePix S6500fd with Face Detection

FujiFilm have launched their 6 megapixel digital camera named the FinePix S6500fd which has built in face detection. It uses a real photo processor II to capture life like pictures. It has a high speed shooting mode. The shutter lag is just 0.035 seconds. The face detection technology allows the camera to recognise 10 faces and optimise the settings for sharper images. It has a 2.5″ LCD screen and can record VGA movies and has a manual zoom.

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Digital Photo Album – Magpix

This new mini pocket photo album is ideal for storing many pictures and displaying them on a nice 1.5″ screen. It’s a super bright LCD screen making it more pleasing to the eye. You can connect the Magpix to your TV so images and video can be played over the big screen too.


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Aquavision waterproof TV

Aquavision have created the waterproof TV that complies with all the regulations needed to waterproof a device like this. It is a TFT LCD TV which runs in a widescreen format of 16:9 and comes with the option of 5 glass finishes. No news on price and availability yet.


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iMac Concept Design

This nice looking iMac concept design found over at yankodesign is very posh. Makes you wonder if devices will go this way with transparent screens and keyboards.

This particular design features a 30″ LCD display which is totally transparent when the iMac is not in use. Also various levels of translucency can be set. I want one!


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